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Our minds bend and our fingers fold. Entwined, we dream . . . I know.



The Crystal Ponies have been gone for eons, and no one seems to care anymore.

In this modern age, history and society have greater things to worry about, and while it is severely disappointing, the reason is valid: Our very first generation of ancestors — our glistening mothers and fathers — are indeed the reason why the current generation, and every one before it has been . . . haunted. Stalked.

Watched, monitored for most of our lives, their reasoning is unknown, and what's left of the Crystal Ponies' history is disappearing fast. However, there is but one individual, cursed by age, who plans to retain and mend that history.

But will it serve to be just? Will it mend more than just three broken minds, bodies and souls?

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Damn this looks good
Can't wait to see where you go with it

This story is so horrible that i want to rip of my dick and slap across the jaw with it.

5540065 Thank you so much for the kind words!! ^_^ I dont have a working computer at the moment, but ill do my best to keep this up for readers like you~
5540426 Uuhm, i think that'd hurt you more than it'd hurt me.

5540470 That is so true.

Jesus christ why am i even doing this

5540476 Plz dont. Dicks are pretty cool. =D

I'd recommend getting rid of the first part of the description about the character tags, as I don't think it's needed. Anyway, I'm glad to see that it's now up. Good job, and I'm curious to read where the story goes from here. :twilightsmile:

5540512 Yeah, its not. I added it just for funnies. XD
Im so happy to hear again that you like it! Everyone does so far~ And thanks for favoriting it too! ^_^
It might be a while to update tho, as im sure youve heard about my computer. D:

5540557 You're welcome. Best of luck with this story and any of your future stories. :twilightsmile:

This is almost like a ghost story. The dead dammed to live a half life not truly alive, yet sentient with the ability to create offspring who are them selves living constructs.

Almost make`s me think of the original ghost in the shell movie. Like a "as if" scenario of after Major Motoko fuses with the Puppet master, their off spring being fully individuals created from the pattern of their parents, but limited as being digital creations.

Now granted they all are composed of light but still eerily similar idea of synthetic life, no?

5545912 Mmhmm! I guess you can say that's kind of how it is. I really appreciate you using your imagination here~

5547171 Thank you!
Really though its all tied to the fact I watched all the seasons, the entire split universes movies and the spin off PlayStation one game Etc...
Well all that is left is the see the direction this is all going.

Or perhaps your making a inference of the twilight and her friends turning crystal during the season opening? The idea that despite them having seemingly normal forms one more, they are in fact dead like the crystal empire inhabitants.
The cloaked individual being a little sister that found out the truth and is using what little magic she has to try and at least inform her cursed big sibling of her false existence?

Or I`m looking too deep in a pony story on the interweb`s?
The writing on the wall

5548085 I can't even really tell you anyone what I have planned with this story. I usually make all of them up as I make progress~

5777736 Izeis? What's that?

5777745 It's the code under your story desciptions read in Leet. "Is eis" hmm...

5777754 Oooooohhhh.... I forgot about that. (Scott Cawthon Teasing Winkyface) ;3

5777780 I can imagine. Well, why the numbers? It's not something encrypted, I checked. So why are they here?

5777870 I ain't saying anything. :3

5778073 I'll read it sometime.

Wow, this story is well very charged with feeling and ya have a very unique way of structuring your story... I find it kind of attractive in a sense, I'll be eagerly awaiting future chapters!:heart:

5832768 Oh wow! Thank you so much! It's already been over a month since I last updated it, and that bugs me, but I've been working on a new installment. I'd just like to get my health back in order till more progress happens. :D
:heart: Thanks again :heart:

5833005 That's completely understandable and idk what your going through. But regardless I wish you the best of luck and care!:heart:

5833592 Thank you so much! ^-^

Your italics broke about a third of the way through. Otherwise? I'm intrigued.

8629609 In the first part?

Thankies munchies :heart:

If your long description were as snappy and downright interesting as the short description, I think more people would read this.

8635574 I thought so, too. I've gotten some new material out: kind of had a surge of inspiration out of nowhere. I'll more than likely be looking at that right now. Thank you :heart:

Why link to a random picture in the long description?

8635853 Empathyyyy

Do you think it belongs there or no?


Oh, look at this, a familiar face.

9138837 For the better or the worst?


Mmm, indifferent I suppose. :twilightsmile:

9139568 In the past, I couldn't help but feel like you were always out to get me. You're a nice guy, I know that now. I hope you're well, for one~

9140224 Yeah, I still love this story to death. It sucks that it's been visible for so long and hardly anything has happened with it

May it live more!

cup of ink

I'm pretty sure you mean "well of ink" or "inkwell," but it doesn't matter does it?

9697053 Welcome, customer!

I would very much like to go and change that. Thank you for pointing that out, and thank you even more for your interest in my story!

She was incredibly beautiful, to say the very least, and her name was Lyra Heartstrings.

I am guessing your favorite pony is lyra, Mister/Missus Wand3r3r3.

The entire crown actually began to disperse as well, as she closed into the scene.

I think you mean crowd.

9699510 Heh, at the time, her and Roseluck were butting heads for my favorite pony. I still love her, but Roseluck is my *faaaaavorite*

As for the correction, I'll also fix that. Thank you very much again for your interest in this possibly underwhelming story

I suppose now I can only wait for part two!

Do you agree with me splitting it up like this? It fits my schedule better, and my current mentality for this site (and I'm working a whole lot more than I'm used to, being December and all). Do you...enjoy it?

It sounds like splitting it up is a good way to organize things and give yourself a break. Sequels are good for taking newer directions in tone too, and you did reach a good stopping point for this part. I wouldn't worry about it. I'll certainly be looking out for the second installment, so yes, I did like it.

Coming from you, that means a whole lot — every time I get literally any kind of feedback on this, I want to just go and work on it, but it still gets tough sometimes. But thank you very much, Ice Star. <3

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