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Derpy's got it made this year, and she feels good. She's not-quite-Hell-bent-but-pretty-darn-determined to be the scariest whatever the heck she is, in all of modern Nightmare Night history.

But though, in her mind, she believes that she's a harmless kid at heart, who's just making her once-a-year route, the events that unfold more than blatantly prove otherwise.

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Comments ( 20 )

Why the hell is this doing so well? :D

I thought it was a pretty funny story, though I'm surprised there's not a single dislike.
Maybe it's because of Derpy, she seems to be very popular with bronies, though I would call myself her biggest fan.

4793127 God I love that picture. :3
And yeah, I'm surprised too! I wonder what I did here...
Thank you for the kind comment!:heart:

Huh, this was a very interesting story, nonetheless. :derpyderp2:

5560147 Was the randomness too much for you? XD

5560521 Maybe that's why it's doing so well. It's weird beyond actual comprehension. XD

I'm so happy you liked it~

Derpy's a dick, and RArity's awesome. Bah.


Very fun read! Good job!

5880141 Oh hey, thanks! I wrote it relatively quickly, and it was an interesting enough premise to perfect, as best I could.
Thank you for the kind words, as well as the favorite~:heart:

5880826 No problem!

Wow... Things escalated quite a bit here.

I'm not sure if Derpy intentionally threw Rarity under the bus, or if it just was a... no, it couldn't have been. Could it?

Anyway, it was quite the silly romp. You may want to do something about those uneven paragraph indentions.

5989849 I don't even know. XD I'm so glad you liked it, though. ^-^-^
And yush, I have three eyes :3

Where do you mean, exactly? (With the way I write, I don't follow the actual, correct ways, a lot of times)

Practically every paragraph is indented a different amount.

It may not seem like a huge deal, but it threw me off from time to time and broke my immersion into the story. You may want to just delete all the spaces on the indentions and just hit the tab key once for each new paragraph. OR, since you've double spaced between paragraphs, you can leave them without indentions.

5991693 I'll try that out later and see how it looks, thanks! :heart:

How in the hell did this do so good? I wonder if it was ever featured and I didn't notice

Well I certainly had a laugh. ^^

It took far longer to get through than I hoped, I was distracted by a phone call, my notes are filled... somewhat. And to match the story it will be peppered with some one-liners, or will it? XD I noticed a few mistakes here and there, but they were spread out, and mainly just using the wrong letter. The worst was adding an unnecessary word, unnecessary because it added an element of confusion, brief stopping, and mental correction.

My headcanon had to be updated. Also if Derpy got all the "spoils" for Dinky, because Dinky was sick or something, then it would add an Element of Sadness, or as a certain Youtuber says, Advanced Sadness. Release will still be Monday. Unless I somehow don't finish it, in which case Tuesday.

7993702 Oh? Do you remember what that word was, or where it was in the story?

7994031 It happened about three times. When I get to the main bulk of the review, I'll need to look it once over. I can list them then.

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