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Recovery is a spiral, not a circle — you may return to the same patterns, but you will break free.


The truth is, love really does exist. But when Zor realizes that he has not found it; that it does not exist based as such, he resolves the most difficult, most haunting issue he has carried on for years.
He was going to end his life...
However, when he receives a sudden spark falling from an even higher sky; his assumed second chance, he is plunged into a tale that he would never forget, for it had rescued him from his own disaster.
((I'm using my OC in this, and it's NOT the human. He's kinda just there to prove a point XD
This story represents how I discovered the happiness I wasn't letting myself have, and how making a new name for myself--Elusive Element--brought that joy into my life.)) [BUT, SINCE THIS ISN'T WRITTEN SO WELL AT ALL, THIS WON'T BE THE ACTUAL STORY FOR MY OC]

Chapters (2)
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579441I have no clue as to why people (like on EQD) obsess over getting the first comment: prolly because there's so many people that try to do it.
Disregarding that. Thanks so much for the appreciation. It really does mean a lot to me.

579484 I only make such a fuss about getting the first post because I have an excuse to post that picture. To be honest.

No, I get it. Random pictures with random text makes people post.:rainbowlaugh:

I really like this story. That time when Zante was leaping for Eva, reminded me of that dream I did a leap of faith from a tall tower into water. That was probably the best dream I ever had, thank you for reminding me of it. :twilightblush:

590188I really glad I was able to allow a fond memory back into your mind. Warms my heart.

I do, however, apologize for the lack of introductory statements for Zante and Eva. Her being a murderer was kind of a surprise to some people, and Humans in the clouds do not entice a lot of people, but yeah, as long as people understand what they need to, I'm good.

579484 I find the character unrelatable, because if he truely showed love, then he would find love, even if it isn't in a form that he'd necessarily want. Then there's the whole psychedelic 'worlds collide' scenario. Zante as some hate-fueled supernatural being. Plus, if Zante truly loved, then he wouldn't be concerned with reciprocation. So while it is your story, I find I just can't enjoy the story, because of how it's written.

5430081 That's okay. I respect your insight and I will try to use that if I ever decide to try writing again ^-^

Reading this story felt like listening to the guest speaker at the Seminar For Depressed Misunderstood Fans of My Little Pony.

5955035 XD I know how you feel. I also know this story is pretty bad, but I keep it here anyway, because people respect me for not being afraid. ^-^

5955035 That's okay. I see where you're coming from with that. I only keep this here because it's part of my history on this site, and I don't care what reception it gets, or I get because of it. ^-^

Do not be ashamed of Zor's past. It may have led him to do what he did but he was saved. They both were. You know Zor reminded me of another fan created OC. Her name was Snowdrop. They are so similar but differ in one major way: Zor took a stand. he fought against the world around him, but was unfortunately beaten down. I empathized with Zor's trouble and really felt his struggles. He was declined the most basic of emotions: love. We human beings are creatures of emotions. We feed, not unlike the changelings, on love and we also give it to others. But if none love is given we fall into ourselves growing colder each day. Without the stars toi burn bright the darkness consumes it all. But in these darkest of times some are lucky enough to find people who will extend their hands and help them out of the darkest corners of their minds. We all need our stars whether they burn as bright as the Sun or just flicker in the sky. You have reached the core of what mlp stands for and what it is trying to teach us. and for that I congratulate you. Keep spreading love and kidness dear soldier of light :heart:

5984877 But it's still pretty angst-y and such a thing that anyone could think of, really. That's what I don't like about it.

I had all that in mind when I first wrote this [it's super old]. Granted, Snowdrop wasn't around yet, nor much else, but I still had this in mind. I made last-minute changes, though, when I put this up again a few weeks ago, like changing another character to ElusiveElement, to dignify the point I made with the events that transpired.

Thank you for the kind words...:heart:

5985099 It is justified in its darker subject. The backstory fits because such destruction is quite the only possible way such harsh measures can be justified. As someone who uses darker storytelling elements I understand that sometimes you need to use it in order to cement the message. For what it is worth I liked this story and if this is you at 'not your best' then you are quite talented :raritywink:

P.s. The reason i used Snowdrop is because Zor is Snowdrop done right (she is a cool character and all but we barely saw anything she did until the end)

5985196 I'm so glad you like this story, and I'm also happy that I touched on that comparison between the two (I forget what happens at the end, though. XD)

Thank you! This could be a whole lot better if I would go over it once more, but I don't really care all that much about it to do so. But apparently, a few others like you enjoyed it! :D

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