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this community is bad

Seriously, you all should be ashmed of yourselves (me too). Fucking lies here and there. Talk sweet in the site but then in irl you maybe all be fat, creepy fucks that don't know the feeling of sunshi


Everyone in this fucking community can go fuck themselves. (specifcly me and knighty) · 3:10pm Jan 29th, 2015

Yeah, i said it.

(exepect for some people. Ekhidna, B_25, Imaginary Catnip and some more.

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1630489 I saw a comment of yours on knighty's page. It just stuck in my mind.


Do i know you from somewhere m8?


Not mad at knighty, just pissed of at this dissapointment of a community.

OK I'll bite, what is it that knighty did that made you mad

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