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This story is a sequel to Hexagons: Part l

Equestria is consumed by an endless winter. A misguided stallion named Sombra has risen up to proclaim himself king among the country, but for no reasons constructive: He stole away an entire city and unleashed an unspeakable evil upon the land. Premature deaths for children, a disgusting massacre for all . . .

Now, the country is home only to those deceased, vengeful toward all they can comprehend in their dampened frame of body and spirit. They incessantly wander the land without aim, but when a small group of mortal nomads emerges to seek the capitol of the Frozen North, they know not but few violent purposes — either to spare them from repressed horrors, either to kill. The group's straits are dire, but a gifted Unicorn among them leads way to the city, where those who survived hope to raise a new generation; a new era for a time that, unbeknownst to them, was already dead.

But whatever came of it . . .

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How many parts does this story series have?

10303958 Probably just the two. I couldn't stand not putting this out, but I also couldn't stand how imperfect it once was. But I do a lot of things that don't make a lot of sense

You're not supposed to add your own tories to Buried Treasure.

10304723 oh, um...opps. ^^' sorryyy it is removed

I'm really glad to see this back! All the action and intrigue from the first part is still here, and the character tags promise a lot of different players are going to get more focus in this installment. Hopefully more comes soon.

10320055 It's still so amazing that I seem to be doing this right enough to have *your* attention. Thank you, Ice Star! I'm excited to write this as much as you're excited to red it ^^

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