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[First-Person story. It will eventually utilize the 'Alternate Universe' tag]

The Kalos region was never introduced, nor entitled to, the wondrous privilege of having Pokemon in its history; let alone to its poor misguided residents.

You see, it might be the whole religious belief that's making them insane—travelling across the country at least four times a month to worship some false entity who wouldn't even allow those poor ponies even a chance at happiness--
They literally sacrifice everything for what they believe in.

This is the story of Flutter May Shy, whose iconoclast beliefs soon reconcile all she was taught, and thrust her into a brand-new world where a brand-new name awaits her.

This is the story of how she came back from the hell she could have never dreamed existed, and all the friends she managed to make there.

This is the story of a world that is debated to be of actual existence to reality.

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im not sure what 2 say so...2406-5721-1122

Twelve digits must mean that's your friend code as well! Thank you much, I'll add you right now!

3721701 i thought that was obvious:ajbemused:. oh and pro tip, click the arrows in the top right of someones comment to reply to it :unsuresweetie:

3723284 You'll have to forget that; I haven't been here in a while. XD

3724097 Hey this story may be canceled but ill still read it. Please un-cancel it, it sounds really good.

4894480 I'll have to think hard about it, but thank you so much for backing it up! :D

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