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This story is a sequel to The Art of Magic: Infamy of the Facility

Six months have passed since the dreadful events happened. The manager has more than enough from the roaming nature of the most secret place in the whole of Equestria. The Magic Facility shall make its triumphal return to its home port: Tol Ret Nec. But the journey itself proves to be dangerous, as the minds inside the building only descend further into the realm of their madness. But nothing within the walls of the facility is what it seems. One has to be constantly on its guard to stay safe. Especially when all of the officials are insane and the workers balancing on the brink of it.

The adventures within the building are never over, not as long as the pistons jam and the boilers burn.

Finally, after six months of being in the make and just under a year of the original it is done. The second story within my precious and cherished Art of Magic series has been completed. May you all enjoy this peace of written glory.
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Chapters (8)
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Well well. Not bad, not bad at all. Quite enjoyable in fact, a little on the dark side but nothing at all wrong with that. I personally suggest a little more time to each scene, as they seem rather rushed through. I understand you might be busy or wish to get each chapter done with speed but you may wish to slow your roll sometimes and observe what the set scene for any particular combination of writing is. On top of which, I would suggest that you might get yourself an editor, somepony to run through your stories and look for grammatical errors here and there that could be fixed while you write the stories out.

You have a mind for writing, this much is obvious and I believe with a slowed down pace and an editor you could be magnificent as a writer. As it stands, you have written more stories than I so my opinion is simply that, an opinion. Not one based on an overwhelming amount of experience either, simply one I feel you might be interested in knowing.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this. It was good, if not my usual cup of tea. I hope my opinion helps you.

2653438 Steel, you have no idea how much your opinion helps me.

Heh. The Medic is in his office!

2801133 You may think it is the TF2 Medic, but let me tell you, not even he is going to be as insane as this guy. Trust me on this one blindly please.

But you are right, he is in his office and not going to leave it anytime soon.

2801216 Yup.
Guess what?

Me when someone tells me it's Monday.

Nice. Now I just need to write a fiction starring the Christian Brutal Sniper being sent here. We can tell what happens next.:pinkiecrazy:

My thoughts on the fact that Chapter 7 hasn't been written yet.

2892057 Oh trust me here, it is done. I never release a story when it isn't 100% done. True, there are exceptions. I shall release chapter 7 tonight. My night that is.

Comment posted by Shadow of the Night deleted Jul 18th, 2013


I present many things.

With THAT being the meaning of life.

Along its a lot more.





Image: http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110601122419/vssaxtonhale/images/0/06/Vagineer.jpg

Use the links! Well, paste them into the URL thingy. I couldn't get it to work.

2893955 Oh, one more thing.

Don't say the Yamato


sucks, because this is how I feel whenever someone does that:

2894840 0-o Quite the talker aren't you? Goodness great, no offence though.

Oh and, I never was going to plan to say the name of that shit. Rather go with the Bismarck. Lots more fun if you ask me. Never made port on its last voyage. Unless you count the bottom of the ocean a port.

And, use the links to learn the meaning of life? Oh darling, I got my own mind for that little fact.

2895101 You mean the Yamato sucks?



Just kidding.

How was the commercial?


Not saying that, I just never done proper research on it as much as I did on the Bismarck!

And, you just gave it away. You're from Japan ain't you? Or at least those regions. Tell me, am I right?

Truth be told, didn't really watch them as I am working on chapter 7 as we speak. So all I have to do, is to press 2 little buttons after dinner and it's live.

2895101 The Yamato was sent on its final voyage to beach itself on Okinawa on April 7th, 1945 as part a massive kamikaze attack; it's mighty 18.1" guns were to be used as field artillery.

It never made it.

It was found by a recon plane, and a U.S. carrier task force dispatched bombers (Helldivers) and torpedo bombers (TBF Avengers) to sink the Goliath. It took 11 bombs and 19 torpedoes and 2 hours to sink the floating fortress. As it went down, the Yamato's magazine exploded, releasing a cloud of smoke so high into the air that it could be seen from mainland Japan, over 50 miles away. All of the Yamato's crew, along with the crews of the escorts as well died. All but four of the destroyers escorting the Yamato were sunk, in Operation Ten-Go...

The Yamato's last stand.


A photo taken by an American airman. The Yamato's superstructure is on fire; one can clearly see the smoke and splashes of water around the mighty super-battleship.

2895161 Now this, this is some good stuff!

2895165 Stunned by my knowledge, I guess. And no, I am not from Japan. I am American.

Stunning, isn't it?

2895169 Oh you have no idea how intrigued I really am here. I swear to you, no idea.

Though I really should go back to, the chapter, otherwise it never gets finished.

2895165 About how I know this much. When I was around 12, I started to become interested in WWII, and so I got a lot of books about the subject. My favorite guns from that time is the Browning machine gun, a mighty American LMG that is still used today. Not to mention the first Brownings were made in 1919; the fact they are still being used today owes to their incredible reliability.

Did you know...

Nazi Germany invented the jet engine? And that they also created the first jet fighter, the Messerschmitt 262:


That the feared Nazi Tiger tank, in spite of its might, was so complicated to make that only 1,350 were produced, whereas 50,000 Sherman's were produced by the U.S., and 55,000 T34s were produced by the U.S.S.R.?


... That there are more variants of the Sherman than any other tank in history?


A Sherman Firefly.

... That the Iowa-class battleships were recommissioned up until the end of the Gulf War?


2895175 Ok!

Happy to have made some pony intrigued today!

Now we need Chapter 8!

P.S.: I think this took my a minute and a half to finish. Damn, I read too fast, but at least I soak all the details up like a sponge.

2895457 Chapter 8 you say? Be careful with your expectations, because they might be different from what you were expecting.

It will come, it will come.

2896059 Ok.

Also, did you check out the thread and the group?

Finishing this while listening to Rainbow Factory...


2916280 Coming soon, Valve time!

2916379 Okay, it will be a little bit less then HL2ep3. But still going to take me some time to make it. Given how there are a couple other stories I have been working on these passed weeks, if not months.

2916383 Whiich are they?

You can always take a hiatus.

2916387 Oh please, if I take a hiatus of writing, my mind goes into a crash. Hiatus on RP is not a problem, writing...is a different story.

2916403 Oh gee! I met a mare named Redbolt who founded a group for Shadowbolts. We role played after i began an attack an Equstria... And she went into heat... And let's just conclude saying if you want to know the full story, you should go to her page, look at her Shadowbolts group, go to the forum, and click on the thread with 203 replies.

2916407 My, my, that is quite the something indeed.

2916860 Nope. I'm a busy mare here alright. And certainly not one that is going to keep herself to any schedule outside of her own.

4339600 I would dare to say when the original was released...so that would make it around the week of June 16th.

just finished this one and i love it. Simply amazing how you made it so rarity's now apparent drive for power is tied to forgetting her past and the only thing to help both can kill her. SO AWESOME!


Wow... I was really a talker back then, right?


I really had you intrigued, didn't I?

5130316 You at least managed to have gotten my attention.


Heh. I think we should catch up through PMs.

5131223 If you want to, go right ahead.

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