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Insanity... The realm that lay between all realms a place of doors, a place of impossibilities, a place of madness, A place of shadows. The gates of Insanity is now open all are welcome to step inside be warned. Leaving is blessing only granted by the Shadow King...

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I'm all for impossibilities so...I guess I'll join:pinkiesmile:.

386234 wtf is this group for dude?

386231 how long have i been here

It looks interesting here. *plopps down onto the ground* Im staying


377452 Very nice... Go ahead and enter the arena I will meet you there in just a second.

377452 A fair waning my internet is acting funny to night so if I go offline all of the sudden it probably went down. Just wanted to warn you now... lets take a look.

377452 It is cool man I will take a look at it but I am sure it is fine.

377449 ok i put up the desert of madness i thought i would have you look at it first because well im nerves and im not sure if its to your liking im not used to things like this iv never really worked on someone elses group before im afraid of disapointing you

377448 Okay... I will give you the brief scenario and you can just get creative with the rest. Madness is the desert the borders Insanity now you and enter insanity through madness but you cannot leave. Get it is metaphorical and also factual. The Madness has ten suns so there is never the shelter or relief of night. The suns them selves are all crimson red they give the desert the crimson sands of Madness. Like I said you can enter insanity through madness but you cannot leave through them. The desert is never ending and the sands are hot as hell fire burns right through clothing and eat away at you. Literally the sands a alive and slowly devour you. When on finds themselves lost in madness there is no might be their dead.

377447 -thinks back but the voices of the shadows are blocked out by the whispers of death- at the moment i cant remember anything -sigh-:ajsleepy:

377446 well I told you about Insanity and madness before don't you remember.

377444 alright folder is up now to work on the forums........................im not sure what to put to describe them:applejackunsure:

377443 Good I am going to check out some banner selections hopefully find a good one.

377442 hmmm so one folder marked all stories welcome and 2 forums labled The castle of insanity and one called desert of Madness im sure i can do that

377441 Okay we need one folder for stories. Mark all stories welcome. I am not here to create a group that people judge. I will check out any and all stories. Next we will need too forums. The castle of Insanity and the desert of Madness. Be creative with it... I trust you...

  • Viewing 7 - 26 of 26