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Yo, I'm a mid-twenties guy living in the Mid-West of America. I love the taste of a good IPA, or Stout, and nothing can beat a good bottle of Whiskey especially Rye.


Main Goal for 2018 Finish Osaka Jones · 6:52am Jan 3rd, 2018

“It’s not early it’s after 5,” he argued.

“Is this a house full of Wonderbolts Soarin?”

“Well technically no.”

“Then it’s early, so shut up,” I said entering the kitchen and turning on the coffee pot, “Now take a seat and tell me why you’re here.”

“But you told me to shut up.”

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Updates are coming · 8:27pm Oct 29th, 2017

Hey folks,
Sorry I haven't been around much this year. New job, new home, new girlfriend, new ex-girlfriend, you know how its goes. I've still been working on both my stories and I'm planning on doing a big old update dump for both Osaka and Scootaloo & Sombra before the year is out.
Thank you all for your patience.


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Help me decide on what the next chapter of Scootaloo and Sombra is going to be about. · 3:35am Mar 14th, 2017

Hey folks like I said in my last post, "I'm just a bad rash that keeps coming back," and now that I have finally updated Scootaloo & Sombra. I am in a dilemma. I have several ideas on what to do the next chapter on. So I thought why not have you guys help me decide.
1. Scootaloo and Sombra spend the weekend together
2. Scootaloo gets feather flu
3. Sombra has a guys night with Discord
4. Sombra & Scootaloo meet Lyra's parents

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The Reports of my death have been greatly falsified · 7:33am Mar 4th, 2017

How would you react if I told you that the latest chapter of Scootaloo & Sombra is done but being put on hold while I finish a following mini chapter that is also almost completely done?
Or that the next chapter of Osaka Jones is in the process of being done?

I never left folks I just get busy with work and other projects.
I'll always come back.
Like a bad rash

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I LIVE!!! · 5:39am Sep 12th, 2016

Hey folks sorry for all the delays. The last month and a half have been interesting to say the least.
I promise to get an update or two out before the year is out :twilightsheepish:

Scootaloo and Sombra: 70%

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Progress Update 8-8-16 · 6:34am Aug 8th, 2016

Scootaloo and Sombra- 70%
Osaka Jones- outline done

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Scootaloo and Sombra Progress Update · 5:59am Jul 28th, 2016

“Come on Lyra! You spend most of your day around foals, it shouldn’t be this hard to talk to Scootaloo,” Lyra mentally chided herself.

“Being around a teacher after school is weird,” Scootaloo thought.

Hey folks, just letting you know I'm still at it. Just been busy with work.

Scootaloo & Sombra- 50%

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Scootaloo & Sombra Update 7-17-16 · 3:40am Jul 18th, 2016

Hey everyone, I'm sorry its taking me so long to get this chapter done. I usually write for a few hours once I get off work but the last few weeks have been pretty hectic and I've just been passing out once I get home. Also I might have to break this one up into two parts. It feels like I'm throwing too much information at you guys for just one chapter.
Also I'm looking for a new proofreader/editor so message me if you're interested.

Current progress: 45%

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Scootaloo & Sombra Preview · 6:23am Jul 4th, 2016

The school bell rang and all the fillies and colts in the classroom jumped up to gather their things so they could leave; all except for one.
“Hey Scoots why you still sitting down? You’re usually the first one out the door. You didn’t get detention again did you?” Apple Bloom asked her friend.
Scootaloo snorted, “No I don’t have detention today. I have that tomorrow, and if you must know. I’m waiting for somepony.”

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Hey Folks I'm Back! · 5:56am Jul 2nd, 2016

Sorry I've been pretty much absent for the past month. My life has been pretty hectic for the past few weeks. But it's looking like everything is going to be alright. I'm back to writing, and I'll be posting a preview of the next chapter of Scootaloo and Sombra here soon.

Current Progress
Scootaloo and Sombra- 25%
Osaka Jones- Outline Done

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