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While preparing for a week away in Canterlot, Rarity rediscovers the Fire Ruby that Spike had given her the day before his birthday, which not only brings up some fond memories, but also brings her to a startling revelation - she's in love with him! But can a pony really love a dragon? That is the one question that strikes fear into Rarity and holds her back from confessing her feelings to him. Her own friends may approve, but surely the upper class of Equestria won't.

Throughout her trip, and the week leading up to it, the white unicorn mare finds herself struggling with her emotions, trying to decide whether to embrace her new-found love or just let Spike down gently. But along the way, all her friends are there to reassure her and offer their advice. While all this is going on, however, Spike notices Rarity's erratic behaviour, and takes it as a sign that she doesn't even want to be friends with him anymore; so he decides to try his luck with somepony closer to his age...

Special thanks to krieger11 for providing the cover art.

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Nice story!

Not the 'he's too young' thing again. Spike is at most I'd say about 7-8 years younger then Rarity and in his mid teens by pony standards. And don't say anything about him being immature and childish cause EVERYBODY will act like that at times in their life no matter their age.

Lovely story~

This story certainly has caught my eye, but of all ponies I'm sure the element of generosity wouldn't put her own image over that of someone she cared about. At one point she got covered in mud (the exact thing she would never want) and ran an entire race (going against her prim, and proper nature) just so her sister could be happy, so why couldn't she just be honest with Spike if it would make him happy? I'm not criticizing, just stating what tickles me the wrong way.

3712928 Agreed. Maybe it's just what Rarity thinks in normal pony ignorance of dragons, but it does leave a bad taste in the mouth all the same.

I'm glad I read this. I feel like ya could've at least given us their first date tho :c

:twilightsheepish: Yeah, well, it's probably the shock of the whole thing preventing Rarity from thinking straight - that's the sort of thing that can happen from such a sudden realisation as what had hit her. In any case, the age gap, the difference in species, their social standing, none of that really puts me off about this pairing. Heck, if I didn't like the Sparity pairing (which I do :pinkiehappy:), it would have been a completely different story.

A really nice story. :raritystarry: It would have been nice to see their first date, but nonetheless this was still a beautiful, heartwarming and feelsy story. :twilightsmile:

Spike got his funky flow on!!!

Fuckin' hell. Scootaloo gets off scot-free.. leaves a sour taste in my mouth, oh well, great story!

3724201 Not quite. If you were to read the following story, "From Rumble with Love", I think you'll find that both Spike and Rarity are rather taking their time to forgive her for it. I'll leave you to work out when they do. :raritywink:

3726047 Oh dang, guess I have to read that story then. :raritywink:

Every time somebody puts the worst possible thing in a story, i get a weird taste in my mouth.3714947
I don't even know what kind of taste!

Comment posted by Saphkey deleted Feb 6th, 2014

3843611 I appreciate your feedback, but I find it a bit tactless, to be honest. Speaking for myself, I consider myself factually accurate on this story. In any event, I think you might have got the part with Blueblood a bit wrong; if I remember correctly, Rarity did splatter frosting over Blueblood, but only after what you just related to me about Pinkie Pie knocking the cake over.
I would have liked to read your stories to see how you would have done it, but since you haven't written any, I'm in serious doubt as to whether these "errors" actually exist in mine. :ajbemused: Also, I find your policy of not reading any further into other people's fanfictions the moment you detect the slightest hint of whatever rubs you the wrong way a little shallow and hurtful. :fluttershysad:
Thanks for taking what little time you did to take a look into this story.

And now it's time for comment outtakes!!!

Even when she saw the hospital up ahead, she didn't even slow herself down. Close to her target at long last, the white unicorn mare let out one last burst of energy and charged through the doors and right through the building unable to stop herself. She ran right up a ramp sending them into the sun where they both burned to death.

CUT! okay get me a new stunt pony and tell her to keep her speed down we are running out of baby dragon dummies okay take 596 ACTION!

On the way they find Scootalo and beat the crap out of her.

3902813 Not really sure I would allow that to happen, personally, but I can see why you would think that, considering how harsh she had been. But they'll make peace with each other soon enough.

A pretty nice story overall although the lack of resolution (or karmic revenge) for scootaloo is kind of off putting...:fluttershysad:
I understand she was simply the last straw, and that even if she had let him down gently things could have still gone wrong.:fluttercry:
I did expect something to happen though when scootaloo and her friends found out later that he tried to commit suicide thanks in part to scootaloo verbally abusing him in public...but nothing happened...:raritydespair:

Well..its still a nice story overall ...:pinkiesmile:

3923631 Oh, it all gets resolved alright.:ajsmug: That all takes place in the next two stories; From Rumble with Love and Oh Mother, Where Art Thou?. I won't reveal anything though; you'll have to read it to find out.:raritywink:

3924554 Alrighty I'll give those a read!:pinkiehappy:

Have a like and a fav!:moustache:

OMGosh! I :heart: this story it was so enjoyable. I couldn't stop reading until I was finished. Great story :twilightsmile:

Don't think spikey would jump to his doom,He Waddle as he pondered what to do too close to the edge & he trip/have it give way , Splash.
It feels, :raritydespair:

Months later the Doc said "Didn;t I see you to here a few months ago?"
Rarity replys" The was a mater of Life & death, Today We're here in a mater of life & Babes":raritywink:

4736974 Well, to be fair, he was getting a bit emotional even before he had begun dating the CMC. If Scootaloo hadn't overreacted, perhaps he wouldn't have even considered it. That said, your suggestion for that outtake sounds pretty comical. :rainbowlaugh:

Good piont, It's Well writen "No Mushie stuff" from the KFC mascot LoL.:twilightblush:

Has anyone realized that spike is only slightly younger than twilight making him not as young then what he seems?


I think he is actual at least eight or so years younger than Twilight.

That reminds me look at this:

On top of that a royal has to be at least 21 to be coordinated. So Twilight is at the very least 21 as well. Flutter shy is also a year older than Pinkie Pie:

Now since I still have limited information on this you'll have to figure it out

6403484 Twilight was in magic kindergarten when she hatched him. So more like 4-6 years younger then Twilight. But even if if you make it 8 years differences it could still work :raritywink: . Heck I only think go too far when 15 or more years differences. :pinkiesick:

and then scootaloo was hoofcuffed and tossed into the back of a Canterlot SWAT carriage

Not gonna favorite this, but I will give it a like. Well written. I just wish Rarity would have had the patience to wait for a better setting to tell her feelings as soon as Spike recovered.

Good news, you’re role-reversal episode is canon now. :raritystarry::raritystarry:

Bad news, they changed a few things; but they STILL made it great. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

The End :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Not really, I hope somepony would talk some sense into her though

Greetings! We have completed a review for this story over on My Little Reviews & Feedback. Hope you find the feedback helpful. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the feedback. I've read the review, and I'm happy to see it's got a decent overall score, given it was the first MLP fiction I ever wrote.

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