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With end-of-year exams at the School of Friendship taking much of her time and energy, Ocellus the changeling has been feeling tired and stressed. Her friends offer to take her to Canterlot for a break, but Sandbar has an even better idea - a romantic dinner at the Tasty Treat.

Once again, this story was requested by chazkopa, whom I would like to thank for giving me an excuse to write an Ocelbar-centred fanfic. I was thinking of doing one anyway, and I may do one set in the Locoverse at a later date, but for now, this has allowed me to indulge in one of my two Young Six OTPs (sorry, Yonabar fans).

The basis for this story, again, is a picture by 13mcjunkinm which I've adopted as the cover art. Another artwork that came to light while I was working on the story, and which I've worked into the narrative, is this.

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This story is a sequel to Never Alone

Wintertime in Equestria, and Hornette is looking forward to her first Hearth's Warming. She keenly soaks up the spirit of the season as she buys presents and helps prepare for the big day - only to break her present to Locomotion by accident.

Locomotion is excited too, as he has been chosen to work a seasonal special train between Ponyville and Fort Maine. On the return journey, however, bad weather threatens to cut him and his passengers off, and now it's up to his uncle and marefriend to rescue him...

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Soarin and Rainbow Dash are about to be married. Princess Celestia is officiating at their wedding, and in honour of a heroic act on their part, she has an extra special gift in store for them...

This was requested of me by chazkopa, and is based on the comics drawn for him by 13mcjunkinm of DeviantArt. Separate links are provided for the wedding itself in two separate parts, the carriage ride and the arrival at the hotel.

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This story is a sequel to The Power of Two

Following the defeat of Chrysalis, a bedridden and badly wounded Locomotion is recovering in El Pinto Hospital. As time passes, Hornette, his changeling fillyfriend, notices how gloomy and homesick he is becoming, and pleads with the hospital staff to find a way of making his stay easier.

I didn't originally intend to write this story at first, but with all the stress of the current pandemic and the effect it's having on morale in general, I just felt the need to express my feelings through my writing. It just so happened that a midquel to The Power of Two provided me with a good place to start, since I had only provided a summary of Locomotion's hospital stay; but I've also been missing a great many friends whom I would otherwise be seeing quite regularly. I'm sure a great many of you feel the same way. If so, may I offer my deepest sympathy, along with my most sincere condolences to anyone who has lost friends or relatives to the pandemic.

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This story is a sequel to High School Musical

While returning home through the Everfree Forest, Locomotion discovers a nameless and badly beaten young changeling lying in the undergrowth. Feeling sorry for her, he brings her back to Ponyville and tries to help her fit in among his fellow residents, bestowing her with the name Hornette. As time passes, the two of them grow close - but in doing so, they are about to discover the true nature of the dreaded Queen Chrysalis, and how a whole species was turned against Equestria...

This story takes place in an alternate universe in which To Where And Back Again and certain post-Season 6 episodes never happened. Dark, Death, Self-Harm, Violence and Gore tags for much later in the story. Also contains Flashlight, Sparity, Soarindash, Carajack, mentions of Fluttermac, Pinkieburn, Vinyltavia, Rumbaloo, Lyrabon, SweetieSplit and ShadyBase, and references to a vengeful and homicidal real-life maniac who ruled over a certain Central European country with an iron fist, as well as the events that ensued.

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This story is a sequel to The Secret Diary of Vinyl Scratch

Three ponies - one disc jockey; one classical musician; one junior railway worker.
Three locations - one tranquil Equestrian backwater; one prestigious named express train; one wayside junction high up in the mountains.
Three engagements - one birthday party; one musical drama; one emergency firing turn.
Three adversaries - one escape from a cruel fate; one group of narrow-minded elitists; one mistaken signalpony.
Three tales - one troubled past; one lonely heart...
...one train crash!

This is the story of how the Bridleway Limited, one of Equestria's most famous trains of all time, came to grief between Horse Junction and Winsome Peak, and how a tragic accident changed the lives of two young musicians and a nine-year-old railway enthusiast.

This fanfiction is based on Ealing Studios' Train of Events and the Hawes Junction accident of Christmas Eve 1910, and is also dedicated to the memories of the 227 people who lost their lives in the cataclysmic Quintinshill rail disaster of May 22nd, 1915.

Teen and Death tags for critical injury references.

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Vinyl Scratch, likewise known as DJ PON-3, is recognised throughout Equestria as one of the greatest musicians of her time; but few ponies know about the troubles she faced in the early part of her life. Born to a rich fabric merchant family, she was forced to suppress her interest in music for many years, until one of the textile mill workers suggested that she keep a diary in which to write about her feelings. Here is a selection of entries from her diary that tell the tale of how she first realised her music career, the challenges she faced along the way, and how fate separated her from the one pony who had come to mean more to her than anything else in the world.

Disclaimer: if there are those of you who think that the writing style in this is rather sloppy and rushed compared to my usual quality, that was pretty much intentional. I see Vinyl as the sort of pony who doesn't care too much about grammar, so any continuity errors and other mistakes are to be taken with a pinch of salt. Also, slight bit of AU due to a My Sweet Passion reference that contradicts the events of Slice of Life.

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This story is a sequel to Tiara in the Rough

Sweetie-Belle has always been somewhat timid about singing in public despite possessing the best pipes among the Cutie Mark Crusaders. When she finally gains her Cutie Mark, signifying her talent in music, she is so scared of the consequences that she becomes bent on hiding it. But despite her best efforts, Diamond Tiara sees through her subterfuge and ropes her into entering a song of her own writing into the upcoming talent show. It's up to Locomotion, Lickety-Split and the Crusaders to bring the white unicorn filly out of her shell and help her wow the crowd...

As with Tiara in the Rough, this fanfic is tagged AU because it somewhat contradicts the events of Crusaders of the Lost Mark. I'd had it planned out a long time before the episode aired, and when I found out that Sweetie-Belle, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo had gained their Cutie Marks in that episode, I almost gave up writing this story. But as you see, I ultimately decided to just bite the bullet and finish off the saga that began with My Sweet Passion because I hadn't yet dedicated a story to Sweetie-Belle and Lickety-Split. Also, the final chapter of this story contains a completely original song.

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This story is a sequel to My Sweet Passion

Diamond Tiara has always been loathed by the Cutie Mark Crusaders for being the school bully, but Silver Spoon has recently been viewing her in a different light. When she accidentally reveals this, Diamond Tiara lashes out at her and ends up being expelled from Ponyville School for her unruly behaviour. Heartbroken by the loss of her only friend, Silver Spoon finds herself gaining the sympathy of her former targets while Diamond Tiara is sent away to a Manehattan boarding school.

Over the course of time, Silver Spoon gradually gains the trust of the Crusaders and their other friends, but feels empty without Diamond Tiara in her life. In an attempt to heal the breach between the two fillies, the Crusaders head off to Manehattan to pay her a visit, taking a reluctant Locomotion with them. But what they don't know is that Diamond Tiara needs Silver Spoon more than ever...

As with its prequel story, this one contains plot elements that contradict a recently aired episode - in this case, Crusaders of the Lost Mark. It was still being written when the episode was first broadcast, and I nearly cancelled this and the conclusion to the saga, which I'll reveal in due course, when I found out that the Crusaders had gained their Cutie Marks; but I eventually bit the bullet and decided to finish this off as an AU story. The same will be true of the next one, but after that, I'll be reverting to show canon for the CMC in future stories.

This story contains a fair amount of Unwinese, which may confuse some readers. Translations have been provided at the bottom of each chapter for those who are unable to understand.

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Featherweight has had a crush on Apple Bloom since before the Gabby Gums scandal - indeed, it was partly his feelings for her that led to him exposing Diamond Tiara's part in the whole affair. But even this has failed to encourage him into telling her how he feels, and his self-confidence is even further damaged when his pink-furred former Editor-in-Chief taunts him about his stature. What he doesn't realise is that his chance of becoming the farm filly's special somepony is just around the corner...

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