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Hi! I'm Kao, a male pegasus who's been a keen follower of MLP:FiM since the release of the first series and is currently sating his pony fix with MLP Fan Fiction till the release of Season 3!

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...Hello? Kao? You alive? :unsuresweetie:

Edit: ...Ok I'll just keep looking for editors, thanks!

Um.... I don't really know what exactly should I say so... Meh I'll just improvise. :derpytongue2:

Hello Kao, I was looking for editors for a story I'm writing aaaand... I saw your comment on a group saying you're willing to help editing.

You see, I'm not a native speaker of the english language, and even though my english level is good enough to write it decently, I always have a lot of mistakes related to grammar and sentence structure. So, your help would be really useful. If you're not busy working on something else, give a quick look to the fic itself and tell me if you're interested I dunno... (The password is password).

Bye and... Um... Thanks?

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