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Myst Ninja

There is no shame in having shadows, we all have them to varying degrees. To judge darkness as bad or wrong is akin to judging whether up is better than down, or whether blue is better than red.


Price of Life Canceled (sort of) · 3:40am Feb 3rd, 2014

So mistakes I made with price of life. I created a Mary Sue by mistake. And all of my characters were flat and at best 2dimensional. Aka crying and angry with a bunch of killing things for good measure.

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  • TPrice of Life
    Myst was an assassin working for a shady government agency, that is until she ended up as a pony in Equestria. Soon after arriving she is forced into the Isri Conflict. Through this experience she learns about herself and questions what is right.
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Thanks for the follow! :yay:

1265182 lol, I will be honest, I mostly followed you because you have the cutest profile pic.

Oh nuuuuuuu I'm being watched :fluttershbad:


Nope, I actually started with Upheaval. I also read some Days of Wasp and Spider, after that I read The Monster Below. I just created the account because I was interested in following stories and getting updates without having to go look for them every few days. That and I started work on my own fan fic. I will probably upload in a week or two, I want to finish at least three chapters before I decide to commit to the whole story.

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