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For as long as the oldest of them could remember, the Guardians had defended what remains of humanity against the forces lurking in the dark. With gun, blade and the Traveller's Light, the heroes born of Earth put themselves between the monsters from the void and those too weak to fight back. Human, Awoken, Exo; the physical coil of the Guardian had never truly mattered so long as they were willing and capable of defend their homeworld.

Until a Guardian came from the wastes that was neither Human, Awoken or Exo; a Guardian not born of Earth.

(Destiny/FiM Crossover)
(Gore tag for blood and violence)
(Thanks to Noble Cause, BradTheBrony and Metallusionsismagic for prereading!)
(Possible Spoilers in the comments, BEWARE!)

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Evening folks!

This is the first chapter of Brightest Spark, one of the many plot bunnies that has been running around my head as of late. How often this will update will really depend upon how folks feel between this and Directive 2 (a non FiM crossover) which will be out shortly on another site (check my blog later!)

Thanks again for my readers who inspire me!

Edit: Apparently my coverart isn't loading. : |

Edit2: Fixed!

Flowers were blooming, birds were singing

On days like these, kids like you...

Sorry. Couldn't help it.

On another note, I'll have to read this tonight as it's a bit confusing in terms of what is going on.

Well, color me interested!

Wow, I like the premise. I am really hopeful for this story's future!

Have a like, favroite, etc!

A destiny fan myself, I'm glad you decided to make a Destiny fic. You've got a good track record for sci-fi fics and are actually capable of finishing a story with more than three chapters to it's name. Maybe this'll actually be good or something, I dunno'. I'll be keeping an eye on this for sure:twilightsmile:.

Don't let us down, Guardian.

Interestng story so far, I hope it will be as good as your other stories.

I'm liking it so far, and I'm looking forward to a certain purple-pone's reaction to seeing a guardian come back.

20 bucks its gonna be after a partial mental breakdown caused by repeat failures at understanding the exo's systems, possibly leading to some sneeky breeki ghost stealth

I dont know destiny, but this was different in the approach. So good luck, this managed a watch.

Yes! This is what I've been waiting on!

This looks interesting.... Activating tracking beacon!

7752810 Today was the first time in eons that I randomly looked through the new stories and this one caught my eye even before I knew it had your name behind it. I have great hopes for this. If this is par with your other stories then I know we are in for something great.


Hm, this is looking like it could be interesting, although I feel like a big part of that hinges on what you plan on doing with Rainbow Dash. If she is going to play a major part in this story then I'm very interested because she felt underused in your other stories and while that did make sense there, she really does have a lot to add if you use her as more than a plot device. The fact that she isn't specifically tagged makes me think I'm going to be disappointed, but I would much rather have a firm answer from you than guess from the tags. Normally I would just wait and follow this for a few chapters to see which direction you take it, but since you want us to vote after this chapter I feel like I need to ask so I can make an informed decision.

To begin with, I don't like the Destiny storyline. The magic in it is as soft as the Star Wars 'Light' and 'Dark' sides of the 'Force'. And even after reading a fair amount of the (difficult to obtain) pieces of lore, I still don't really have much more of an idea than "We are the good guys, everyone who isn't us is a bad guy, because we go for quality over quantity in our foot soldiers."

That being said, I absolutely love the game. I have logged just over 24 days in it. My Account. I love the gameplay, but as has been said by one of my favorite authors (not a pony author) "No one cares about the story in an MMO, you go from exclamation mark to exclamation mark and kill everything in between."

So I am giving this the benefit of the doubt because you are awesome, Arad, and if anyone can make it work, you can.

I do expect some snark, from Ghost and from Cayde. (Please put Cayde in this, please please please)

And finally, there is an extremely important question I have to ask you, Arad.

Dinklebot or Nolanbot?

I am so going to give this a read come morning. just put it on my tracking for now. usualy stuff goes to read it later where it sits for weeks or months, but your such an amazing author an ive loved Stardust, Mente Materia and some of their side stories alot so i know this will be good to :pinkiehappy:

7752865 Congratulations! That is EXACTLY what Arad was referencing when he wrote that!:raritywink:

:duck: interesting....do continue

Huge Destiny fan, really looking forward for this one.

I almost hoped the protagonist would have been rainbow dash. She'd make an awesome guardian. And it would be a bigger separation from your xcom crossover(which is still awesom btw) and give twilight a break. Just a thought.

"Crap, Arad's doing another crossover."

"But I don't even like Destiny!"

"Dammit." *Follows*


7752810 How, if at all, does this relate to the "Traveler" from Celestia?

a destiny fic from Arad? sign me up!

Ok. Still confused. Looks like I need help to understand. Tell me if I got anything wrong:

Mane 6 on hill having picnic, Pinkie is catatonic for some reason or another. Unnatural, non-pegasi Storm appears leading to the ruins of a city during a fight between robots and three peculiar beings, one being an Alicorn. Fight occurs as all but Pinkie and Twilight retreat, with Rainbow going to warn Ponyville. Pinkie Pie remains catatonic until an orb of light appears in front of her, which she attacks for some reason. Said orb of light shatters, causing the storm to dissipate.

Afterwards, Rainbow Dash is missing, but a robot (assuming Exo?) that tried to defend Pinkie Pie remained, deactivated. Pinkie Pie no longer catatonic.

In another time and anothe place, a Ghost searches Brough ruins and dead bodies for something, not knowing what said something is, until finding the skeleton of an Alicorn, which is apparently what it was looking for.

That's what i got from the chapter, but I'm missing a lot of details:
Why was Pinkie catatonic?
What were the orbs?
Why was there an Alicorn?

7753088 I have doubts about guardians being the good guys

seems like an alright story it has my attention for now

7754381 [Insert ad voice] "Coming up next in The Brightest Spark:
Why was Pinkie catatonic?
What were the glowing orbs?
And why was there Alicorn remains on an apocalyptic planet originally inhabited by bipedals?
Tune in next time for this and more on The Brightest Spark!"

hmmm an interesting first chapter you have definitely caught my attention with this one. keep up the good work


Why was there an Alicorn?

I'm fairly sure that the alicorn was Twilight.

Dash opened one eye to give the alicorn a skeptical look. “The way I remember it, when you first moved here you always had your nose buried in the books at the library. Seemed like you didn’t have that much free time.”

Given how long Destiny has been out... i'm surprised this hasn't happened sooner. Of course, i have no idea if it has happened and the stories just fell by the wayside or were completed or something.

Anyway, a good start and i look forward to where Dash ends up in the spectrum of Guardians (Hunter, most likely bladedancer, but that's my prediction)

Morning folks! I'm afraid my time is limited this morning but I'll try and reply to a few of the comments.


In my experience the fics that get three chapters and then die usually don't have an overall plan as to how the story is going to develop and end. Because of that it tends to meander about and wither over time as the author loses interest. And I never start a story without knowing how it will end.


I'm afraid I don't really have a way to answer that without giving out huge spoilers. I suppose I could at least say that Rainbow Dash's disappearance is one of the driving forces that sets all of the events into motion... but you've probably guessed that already based on the chapter. :S


Oh I have a few things planned for Cayde-6. XD

Also, Nolanbot.


Thanks! Though one thing I did want to mention is that the Twilight in this is post-Tirek. She isn't nearly as gunshy as Stardust Twily... though how much that affects the story is anyone's guess. :P


Completely unrelated. It was just coincidence that I named a character 'The Traveller' in Celestia.


I'm afraid a lot of those questions I can't answer without giving away spoilers, but the fight described might be familiar to Destiny fans. To those that aren't familiar with Destiny, it'll be explained in the fullness of time. :)


To be honest, the only reason I hadn't attempted this earlier is that there is -so much- of the Destiny world that was never fully explained and I didn't want to commit to a story only to have it subverted by later reveals in the game. Now that the original Destiny is winding down, I'm feeling confident enough to stick my toe in the pool.


I understand that, honestly... there's just so much in the vanilla game that has no other explanation than 'it happened, deal with it LOLZ', like the Exo Stranger or the Cabal on Mars and so many other things.

Still, this caught my interest and i'm definitely looking forward to seeing how everyone at the Tower reacts to Dash.

Maybe you will actually finish this unlike so many others attempts.

Are you gonna give us a Destiny lore dump? I know nothing about Destiny :fluttershysad:

7754381 the robots were vex, a bio-mechanical paracausal race of aliens that inhabit mercury, venus, and mars in Destiny. They teleport through those storms, which are a temporal rift storms that allow the vex to move through time AND space. The orbs are a kind of temporal lock, allowing the vex to keep traveling between the point of origin and the destination. In as far as pinkie being catatonic, I'm gonna blame that on pinkie being pinkie, and getting a feeling that the vex were coming, and deducing the orbs as being important to them.

The alicorn is a stumper, but we'll find out I'm sure some point in the future.

I don't mean that Alicorn. I mean the one that came through. The skeleton.

TY chicken pie.

So let me understand this real quick... The lack of updates from your stories was because of ... Destiny ? :trixieshiftright:


I'm not a terribly huge fan of info dumps for the sake of explaining things, BUT your question is one of the many thing I've been considering. Considering that the main character that's going to be exploring the world of Destiny is about as much of an outsider to it as one possibly can be, I fully intend to describe these events as a person might if they've never played the game. (Because this was more like a prologue than a first chapter)


An excellent description! I was extremely leery of posting an explanation in the comments since (a) it will be eventually described in the story and (b) I tend to say TOO much and potentially give spoilers away. :S

Regarding the other questions that folks have, I'm afraid we'll have to wait for the next chapter.

.... did..... did you just..... DID YOU JUST TAKE A PONY?!

Edit: Oh no you just used Vex. Yes that's SOOOO much better.

Sooooo... either Twilight somehow in the "Future" gets sent to Earth and dies horribly in the collapse, or Rainbow Dash got sucked through the Vex' temporal rift and somehow ascended to alocornhood... before dying horribly in the collapse... Only for them to loop back around somehow during a fight with the Vex, which is incidentally what set the whole thing in motion in the first place...

By the Grace of the Iron Lords, I freaking Hate the Vex and their stupid Time Hax BS. It makes keeping track of everything they get up to a real pain.

My bits are on Twilight considering that the Pony-Guardian displayed the abilities of a Warlock, while RD's skills fit more with the vein of the Hunter.

As for the battle, good bets are either on VoG (Just because of the volume of Time Hax related crap the Vex try to pull from there) or the Buried City/Freehold Station on Mars, though considering that the scene is described as being in a city, chances are higher for the latter.



I'm afraid I don't really have a way to answer that without giving out huge spoilers. I suppose I could at least say that Rainbow Dash's disappearance is one of the driving forces that sets all of the events into motion... but you've probably guessed that already based on the chapter. :S

...That shouldn't be a significant spoiler. My question is basically how much direct page time will Rainbow be getting. If I were asking this about Stardust, the question would be if we are going to be following Twilight with XCOM, or if we are going to be following someone else as they try to get Twilight back. Now, there is obviously more possible room here since Twilight and Rainbow could be off doing things together, but that would still qualify as Rainbow getting a significant amount of page time and being a significant character rather than being a plot device Twilight is off trying to save (sort of like Celestia in the show). Once again, I don't want you to tell me who is doing what, just if Rainbow will be doing a significant amount of talking/acting or not.

Also, yes, I did indeed see the obvious and realize that Rainbow's disappearance is what sets this story in motion like Twilight getting kicked to Earth in Stardust.

I'm assuming that's an Alicornified Rainbow Dash, though I suppose it could be Twilight Sparkle having somehow gotten to pre-collapse Earth in an effort to find Rainbow... I'm expecting Alicornified Rainbow, but I'm hoping for Twilight. I always prefer adventures that star Book Horse. Still, I'm super interested in seeing where this story's going no matter who the main character is. Hopefully it gets continued! :pinkiehappy:

EDIT: Wow. That wall of text.

That was kinda my point. The only difference between the Guardians and the various forms of Darkness is the fact that the "darkness" uses lots of expendable people and they seem to be invading, rather than defending. Except not, because the Vex lived on Venus? /Mars but locked out of time on Venus? I don't even know. The Traveler could be the galactic equivalent of the Doctor, gallivanting all over enforcing his own set of morals on random peoples and then disappearing right after shit explodes. The fact that the rest of the galaxy wants it dead would make a fair amount of sense at that point.

I mean, to be honest, the Vex have time travel tech, so they should have won this "battle" before it began, but haven't for some reason.

The Cabal, Vex, Hive, and Taken have very little in common, save that they all hate The Traveler. So I don't really see a unifying "Darkness" in the lot of them. Other than, of course, not being part of The Traveler's "Light".

And the Guardians seem to be okay with the Queen treating a sapient race (the Fallen) as little more than domesticated animals.

I was once rather frustrated with the incredible lack of story, and when I found out some of the story, I was frustrated with the lack of justification for everything the Guardians did, then I gave up on the storyline altogether and had fun shooting other guardians in the face. Because that is a good use of the Guardians' time and effort. This rant is me letting off all the steam that built up playing through those daily missions and listening to Little LIght (definitely, totally, officially his ponified name) spout nonsense about time manipulation and golden age tech into my ear.

Phew. Alright. We're good. I'm done. I'm not even going to talk about SIVA. I haven't even run the newest raid, and I don't plan to.

Y'know, I reeeeeaaaally hope the gaurdianified pony is Twi, but the implication for RD is pretty hard too... Maybe a rescue mission? I would be completely open to the idea of Twi going on a rescue mission to find RD, and then having RD train as the hunter. Maybe throw AJ in there afterwards somehow and have her be the Titan? That'd be kinda cool. Maybe all the main 6 would end up as 6 of the 9 subclasses.

On the fun side, while playing the Taken King I was totally wishing that you could choose to side with Oryx and get new powers after being Taken. I mean, if there are some people who get Taken and still retain some of their mind, You as the Guardian should retain a fair amount of autonomy. Because Good-F******-God, that teleportation ability that half the enemies seem to have would be SOOOOOO beautiful to have. It makes me drool to imagine what I could do with that. Instead of the difficult-to-use teleportation that only some of the classes actually have.

Just to answer a bit of lore. 'cause I'm bored.
The Vex have a future they can't alter. They will all be taken by Oryx who dies to his worm and as such they will live forever as slave to a dead king.
But you, the exception, the anomaly, changed their future by killing Oryx and the infected Vex from all points in time.

From what we can gather, they don't want to win, they want to live, otherwise the last city would have fallen a long time ago. In fact there is some who believe the city exists because of the Vex.

Fun thing about the Traveller is that it is responsible for destroying Oryx homeworld and the resulting rise of the hive and eventual Taken.
Since then the Traveller would move to planets, make guardians and abandon them. The Fallen race is believed to have been one such example.
The exception is the Russian ai sensed the travelers attempt to flee and so it shot down the traveler. With the travelers dying breath it created the ghost for the first time.

Fallen and Vex seem to have no real connection to the dark as of yet with the exception of the Vex Heart.
Hive is a mix of races that Oryx conquered but infected with a worm.
The Taken is a result of him murdering a god he onced worshipped and is believed to be an attempt to take his worm in order to revoke the worms need to feed so that he can live free of fear for his soul.

There is a buttload of lore I just wish it was in the actual game.
(I refuse to play it anymore and never bought the new dlc so I'm far from on top of any new lore.)

7756898 I'd like to make a few corrections, if you don't mind. The Traveler never made any Guardians before Earth and Humanity. It would raise races with knowledge like it did with Earth then leave them; The Darkness is that which came on the tail of the Traveler to destroy them: in the Eliksni's or Fallen's mythos, The Great Machine, inferred to be the Traveler, came to them and helped them into a 'golden age' of their own. After it left, 'The Whirlwind', implied to be The Darkness or a force for it, came and destroyed them. After infighting, they left to find the Traveler to restore them to their old glory.

As for Rasputin, it did have a hidden directive it created itself called ABHORRENT IMPERATIVE, which is a last-resort move for weapons to fire on the Traveler should it try to flee, and cripple it in a way that it would force it to stay and defend humanity or die. However, so far no solid evidence has come up that shows this directive was ever used.

Comment posted by Nick11235 deleted Nov 29th, 2016

This is almost as good as money.
Mmm... almost.

If this is anywhere near as good as Stardust, then this is going to be one heck of a story.

Finally!! A Destiny Crossover!!! I've been waiting for one for sooooo loooonnnngggg... Thanks for making this. If it's horrible, I'm going to find you. And force you to make it better...

7758040 Ikr! I tried writing one, but it was shite.

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