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[no title] · 1:57am Oct 4th, 2013

It is likely no one is going to read this, but i will write it anyways. I'll start off by saying I should have never posted The Tale of The First Equestrian Armored Division. It was just something I wrote in a couple of hours while the internet was down, and I couldn't play World of Tanks. The story had no meaning, and no soul. I was starting to despise the story, and question myself as a writer.

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FINISH KNIGHT BREEZES STORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

773220 You're welcome. :twilightsmile:

First of all Thank you. What you said means a lot. I don't know why I posted that first line. (It's probably because I'm sick, and feeling a little down.) I completely agree with you. The reason I'm so hard on my first story is because it isn't my first story. I've been writing for years, and this is far from being my best work. I wanted to delete it, but after realizing its potential I've decided to keep going. Thanks again for the encouraging comment.:pinkiehappy:

It is likely no one is going to read this, but I will write it anyways.

I read it... :trollestia:

But seriously, here's some advice. Never doubt yourself after your first try at storytelling. You don't get sad if you miss the basket your first time playing basketball. This whole site is a learning experience. You look at past mistakes and adapt yourself to meet future goals. But from what you said, you have regained your inspiration, so good for you! I remember my first story :facehoof:. Oh my god, it was terrible. But I learned from my mistakes, and have just recently posted the first chapter of the re-write. Just remember this quote, "we learn not from our achievements, but from our failures." Alright, failure is a bit harsh terminology, but you get my gist. Well, there ya go, hope I helped.

Now, you're probably wondering why some random guy just popped up on your user-page for no good reason. Well, I saw that you had joined my group and clicked on it for, well, no good reason. However, I am glad I did. You look like you're going to do fine on this site. I wish you good luck!

-Robert out.

I will get back to you with what I think as soon as possible. Just give me a bit of time.

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