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What to say about me... I'm a novelist, I enjoy writing Fanfiction (seriously I like it. Although I mainly do Justice League or Highschool of the Dead), and thanks to Dr. Whooves I found FIM.


Dating, Marriage, and it has all lead to this. The birth of your daughter, well yours and Sour Sweet's Daughter. That's not to say it hasn't been a rocky road. Like any relationship there's been ups and downs, but it's been well worth the trip.

Inspired by Nico-Stone Rupan's Sour Sweet Stories, and of course posted after getting his permission to do so.

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Is it weird that I kind of really want to see more of the insane family dynamic of Uncle First and Aunt Blueblood coming to visit their niece? :derpytongue2:


Wow, thanks! To be completely honest I was writing mainly because I've been such a fan of the Sour Sweet Stories by Nico-Stone Rupan. I just had an idea of what would the birth of their baby be like, and this came out. To me, First was just more into guys, and of course his parents interactions with him lead him to be confused, and led him over compensate when he did date girls. I did have an idea of really dragging the scene out all Jerry Springer Style, but i decided to reel it back a little. Maybe, if this is the direction Nico-Stone wants to take things, we might see some interactions between First, Blueblood, and First's parents.

Or I may write something about them later on. don't know yet


Okay, I can definitely imagine this as a possible ending of Nico's series. Great work!

Well, Second did patch things up with Sour Sweet's folks, guess he could do the same with his...hopefully.

Though I've never heard of people getting tazed by security over hate-speech being a policy before. Is that a real thing or just something you made to get Second's mother out?

You sir/madame (can't really tell with the Internet) are awesome the way you portrayed these characters are in line with the original author "nico" and putting First person and Blueblood in a relationship is absolutely gold and something I was not expecting I really hope Nico will keep this as canon.

7533607 Looks like they'd need more FRIENDSHIP shoved up their heads in order for them to get a clue.

Inspired by Nico-Stone Rupan's Sour Sweet Stories, and of course posted after getting his permission to do so.

Why do you need HIS permission to use a character that he doesn't own?

That sounds crazy to me.

You're crazy.

Stop being crazy.

That's MY gimmick.


Awww, thank you!


One could only hope that he could patch things up, and as for the possible being tazed over hate speech... Unfortunately that's kind of true. It's only supposed to be done if the person delivering the hate speech is considered to be potentially violent, or begins showing violent behaviors. Right now it's just something that's happening at Universities that have adopted the Safe Space, and Trigger Warning policies. Campus Police have been informed that if someone is beginning to act like they could be preparing to commit a hate crime they have permission to detain them up to the use of tazers and pepper spray. Now, right now there's only a few universities that I know of that are doing this, and I've visited a couple of them as a guest to a convention. luckily I've never witnessed it, so I'm guessing the warning that it could happen is more than enough to deter any would be violence.


Again, Awwww... Thanks. As for gender, I'm a dude. Still, I'm glad that you enjoyed it, and yeah, I thought that First and Blueblood would fit well together. The way First was described to in Who wants Seconds seemed to describe repressed homosexual urges and desires. I mean seriously, First has had a slew of girlfriends, is the jock of the family, super competitive, I might be wrong on that, but I doubt it. Besides, I kind of Enjoyed taking the 'Bobby Long' approach on that. (if you're not sure what that means then you've got some Netflix homework. Let me just say, 'Zack and Miri'.)


Well, certainly shoved up somewhere :pinkiehappy:

7533702 More like smacked upside the head using a clue-by-four and then spend some time with this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxF5Jps0Qp0


To Quote my old Psychology professor, "Okay, first thing first. Look to your left, okay, now to your right, and lastly behind you. See everyone? Good, here's a little heads up. All of you suffer from some kind of neurosis, and that means that each and everyone of you are insane to some level. Of course the fact you're going to higher education just means you're insane, and you're a masochist, so have fun with that."


yeah... I think spending time with that guy... Well something would certainly happen to Mr and Mrs Person. Not sure what, but something.

No romance tag?


Fixed! Actually I thought that I had clicked the romance tag earlier. Thanks for pointing that out :pinkiehappy:

... We get married!? And Have A Bloody Kid!?!?
If this was actually happening to me, then I would be the luckiest SOB alive!

Sounds like Sour Sweet giving birth alright.



7533779 And I would be off to the sides laughing my ass off. Seriously, that clip was just funny to me.

Heh, wonder what she was like during that marathon sex.

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