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Just a simple man from TN that likes ponies and pony stories.


New Idea I'm thinking of · 2:52pm February 10th

A human in Equestria anthology story that involves a human working in porn. I am working on the intro chapter to start things off but if there's a pony you want featured in a movie with said human comment below but I do have rules

No mane 6
No CMC but aged up filies and colts are ok
No princeses or Queen Chrysalis
No Equestria girls crossover but ponified versions of characters (i.e. Sunset) are ok

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2398188 Oh wow sorry that happened.

2398047 Welll IM not sure about that. My brother took the wrong turn and we ended up going a different way, which added 3 more hours on, then there was a blizzard and a car crash which shut down Vail pass ( a mountain pass near timberline..for 2 hours.

2398133 OK and thanks I appreciate all the help and suggestions you give me anything to help me become a good writer.

2398047 I did a little more. So Im going to go through and fix the punctuation and then i want to go back and add suggestions for stuff to put in. I didn't want to just add it, if you don't like them you don't have to use them.

2397973 lol OK well at least you had fun

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