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This story is a sequel to Sour Sweet Shorts

Bitter Honey's sixteenth birthday is here, but she's been acting strange. Well, stranger than usual if you ask her best friend, Gretchen. It could be nothing more than some teenage phase. However, considering that Bitter is the daughter of Sour Sweet, someone with a past of dealing with mental conditions, things may become far more serious.

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Did not know you were still writing these, that's a nice surprise!

"What was wrong with Crystal Prep Academy?"

... You moron.

"What was wrong with Crystal Prep? What was wrong with Crystal Prep? You mean other than the miserable, toxic environment that both your son and I had the suffer through for four years? Gee, it's a complete mystery."

Thank you Sour.

1. Yay for more Sour Sweet stories. :rainbowkiss:

2. Oh nu, Bitter. Someone give this poor thing a hug, I have a feeling somethin' bad's gonna happen. :fluttershysad:

Happy to see Sour and Second had the sense to not send Bitter to Crystal Prep.

"See, folks, the problem with these kids today is that they are taught from marxist kindergarten to leninist college that there is a correct answer to everthing," the obnoxious host droned on. "There's a correct answer to climate change. A correct answer to homosexuality. A correct answer to the theory of evolution. To the theory of gravity. To what color the sky is. To whether you should stick your weewee in the light socket after the vacuum tube didn't work out so well..."

'Everything' is spelled wrong. Marxist and Leninist are also proper nouns and should be capitalized.

I'm really glad to see another installment of this universe.

Niban Person ?
What’s that suppose to be a play on?

Niban is a translation of "second" into Japanese.

I saw the story hit, and I had to read. I read the first chapter, and I felt a stinging pain in my heart. I feel for Bitter, I truly do, because I know what is coming.

Ah Niban, never change.

I dread to think how Bitter Honey could've coped with the abusive environment of Crystal Prep on top of her issues.

The tension in the texts

So... does Blake Posey even exist outside of Bitter's mind?

"The only way it could've been decent was if Cinch had gotten fired right after her BS at the Friendship Games and Cadance replaced her." Sour sighed. "But that's the kind of stuff for alternate realities, unfortunately."

Don't look too far beyond the veil, Sour. That rarely ends well.

Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Welp. Bitter's doomed.

Magnificent early tension. This could very wrong indeed... but at least Bitter will have far more understanding parents than Sour did at her age. We'll see where it goes from here.

Damn it, Sour! You know better than to tempt fate like that.

Whew... oh boy. Looks like I have to prepare myself for more hard hitting feels again.

Awww, Bitter.... :fluttershysad:

And awww, mama Sour, nuu...

They both need serious long hugs. And a serious talk, that, that'd be good too.

Well, this certainly took a turn. Her mind is in such disarray it wound up in another universe entirely.

Dang. Bitter's having a vision quest that wouldn't look out of place in Mage: the Awakening. Hopefully the avatar of Harmony will be able to help her get close enough to reality to see it on a cloudy day. Or, failing that, Gretchen can try to help. It's especially tragic that the one person who best understands Bitter's situation is the least suited to help her right now.

I did not expect dimension hopping.


Uh oh........it’s happening again.


I see this, and my heart aches for Bitter. She's going to be facing some tough times ahead, and it will take her real friends to get through it. Medication will help, but most of what she is going to need is patience and understanding. Two things that unfortunately seem to be in short supply in Highschool. I know that she's going to have several hallunations happen to her, although there is one that I hope she has because I feel that it would be more of a benefit instead of a hinderance.

Sitting alone she listned to the sound of nothing. Everything was wrong. She couldn't understand the things happening to her, and a look up she saw him again. It wasn't the first time, and she assumed it wouldn't be the last time.

"Ah, Bitter San," he said with a cheery smile, "It is nice to see you."

The chubby otaku removed his glasses and cleaned them, "I was with the others, and suddenly I am here," he said as he neared her bed, "That must mean that my friend needs me."

She shivered and pulled her knees up to her chest, "Kohta San," she said, "Something is wrong. It feels wrong, it isn't... I don't know how to explain. I see things. You are the most normal."

He grinned, "Normal, well normal for a character from a Manga you weren't supposed to read, right Bitter San?"

She nodded, "How is Takagi san?"

He rubbed his shoulder, "Good, we're together, like you imagined," he said with a grin, "But it isn't Takagi you want to talk about eh?"

She looked at her legs, "I'm scared," she said, "It feels like I'm losing myself. You lost yourself, right?"

He nodded, "Yes, I did," he said, "And my friends helped pull me back."

He touched her cheek, "Bitter San, I will always be here when you call. I am you," he said, "But, like how my friends pulled me back, you need your friends. Trust them, know that they have your best interest at heart."

She shivered, "If I take the medicine, then you won't be here, will you?"

He smiled, "I'll always be here," he said, "Like I said, I am you, but I may not be here like this. Trust me, talk to your friends, to your parents. Life is too short. And be thankful you're not dealing with Them."

That was definitely sad to read. Especially hard for Sour Sweet. She'd gone so long thinking her daughter had avoided the same thing she'd found herself in and now her worst fears have come to life. Probably never even thought to get her checked for it. Hope she doesn't blame herself.

On a side note for Starlight, I just watched a biographics video the other day so I know where that's going.

Well shit... Tree, you better be helpful here.

Also, Starlight, that's dark even for you.

I would not be surprised if Niban got punched in this story


"Oh, just great," Starlight answered happily. "We've just established three more branches of Our Church. It's been quite a busy year."

"How wonderful!"

"Of course, some of us are getting a bit antsy with how things are going in the country lately. We may relocate and create a settlement elsewhere. We're looking into some land in Guyana right now."

"It can get pretty hot in South America, you know."

Starlight winked. "We'll pack plenty of kool-aid, believe me."

Yeesh, this is dark as hell.

What must it be like for a mother who struggled with demons her entire life to witness her daughter struggle with the same demons?

Kind of. Honestly it was just a scene I wrote. I figured that Bitter might be a bit of a Geek and into Anime and Manga. Since that was the case I wondered what manga could she read that would likely be a little mature for her. The answer was Highschool of the Dead. Konta is one of the main characters in it. He's a huge geek, but an expert marksman. I would say spoilers, but the manga has been out for en.exceptionally long time, so it's kind of like knowing that Vader is Luke's dad. Kind of common knowledge for the fans of the kind of manga and anime hotd falls into.

Anyway, Kohta has to do something that nearly breaks him. It's only do to his friends that he pulls through. I thought it fitting to have Bitter talk to him.

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