• Published 25th Apr 2014
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Instant Mom - SeasonTheWiccan

When Rainbow Dash takes in a baby Pegasus left on her doorstep, she learns what it means to be a mother to a child with special needs when it's revealed that she is completely blind.

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A Blind Pegasus

The 6 waited patiently for Dr. Binky to call Rainbow's name, in the meantime, Rainbow was getting anxious as any new mother would be, she didn't know what the outcome of this appointment would be...but she hoped it would be a pleasant one. It was funny, this morning she didn't even think of a new baby and...now, miraculously, she had one...she was an instant mother to this foal.

"Rainbow Dash?" a brown colt with a golden mane and tail, green eyes, a pair of rectangular glasses, and a binky for a cutie mark called her name.

Rainbow got up and flew slowly to the door carrying tiny Cumulus to the door, Dr. Binky closed it behind her and led her to a room with pictures of young fillies and colts at infancy while the walls were painted baby pink on one wall and baby blue on the other.

"Now, what brings you here today?" he asked as Rainbow sat down in the nearest chair and told him what happened that morning.

"I see, may I see her?"

Rainbow was a little hesitant but handed her over to him, he then placed her on the examination bed. He took out his stethoscope and listened to her breathing, he confirmed that it was normal. He took her temperature, looked inside her ears, etc. all normal. That is, when he came to the sight test, he waved a light in front of her and he looked concerned...Rainbow's heart stopped beating.

"Rainbow Dash, can you wait in the waiting room with your friends for a moment?"

Rainbow nodded and obeyed, she was then pacing back and forth, waiting nervously for him to come out and say that she was healthy. But fate had other plans, for when the doctor came out with the baby...his face looked grim.

"Is she alright?" Twilight asked.

Dr. Binky handed Cumulus back to Rainbow and sighed, he then removed his glasses. 'This is not good.' Rainbow thought.

"Rainbow Dash, I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this...Cumulus...Cumulus is blind."

A gasp went through the group as the thought plucked at Rainbow's heartstrings, Cumulus would never see her, she would never see the world, she would live in a world of eternal darkness.

"But...but how..."

"There's nothing I can do, miracle only...I took a blood test and we're still examining it but...I think she was born this way."

Tears streamed down Rainbow's face as she looked at the infant anew.

"I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do to restore her sight. But with you as a mother...I'm sure she will prosper."

Rainbow had a ray of hope that he was right, all she could do is let Cumulus know how special she was while raising her and telling her that she doesn't need her sight in life.