• Published 25th Apr 2014
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Instant Mom - SeasonTheWiccan

When Rainbow Dash takes in a baby Pegasus left on her doorstep, she learns what it means to be a mother to a child with special needs when it's revealed that she is completely blind.

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A New Foal and A New Mom

Rainbow landed to see the others looking at her, "Rainbow, where have you been?" asked Twilight.

Rainbow smiled, "Oh, I got a little..."

She revealed the infant, "Distracted."

The others gasped and the baby opened its eyes though something was off about the way it was looking around trying to find where the voices were coming from.

"Where...where did you..." Twilight stammered, caught off guard by the big reveal.

"A basket was left on my doorstep, I brought it in and I found out that inside was a baby!"

Fluttershy flew up to meet the infant, "It's soo cute! She even looks a little bit like you!"

"I know...I...I actually want to keep her. That's why I came to you guys, I need your help."

"Of course Rainbow, we'd be happy to help you and...." Twilight trailed off and realized that they didn't know what the gender was. With Rainbow's permission, she unswaddled the foal, opened its diaper and checked the gender.

"You have a brand new beautiful baby girl." Twilight confirmed.

Rainbow was beaming with pride, the others took turns holding her and when she began to get a little fussy, Rarity (who was holding her at the time) handed her back to Rainbow as Twilight made a bottle of warm milk appear. Rainbow looked a little nervous when the fussy baby was handed back to her...Pinkie then cautioned, "Stay calm, they can smell fear."

Rainbow then took the bottle and fed her, she hadn't eaten in hours so she sucked it down within a few seconds. Rainbow then went by instinct and burped her. The others gave out an 'awww.'

"So, watcha gonna name her?" Applejack asked.

Rainbow pondered for a moment, the foal's coloration reminded her of the sky...and she remembered her favorite kind of cloud to make..."Cumulus."

The others agreed, and before Rainbow started eating a peanut butter and zapapple jam sandwich...she needed to get Cumulus to a pediatrician, just to make sure she was healthy. She voiced her concern to the others and Pinkie offered to take her to the Cake's pediatrician...Dr. Binky. Rainbow agreed and the others decided to put their picnic on a rain check, even Fluttershy didn't hesitate, she knew that the health of the new baby came first.