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Scootaloo Evain Fire, a once homeless filly has been taken in by her idol, Rainbow Dash. She has everything she'd dreamt of! So why did she feel something was missing? Scootaloo on the quest to find out the truth about her mother'a disappearance, will do anything for the answers to her past.

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Yes! Can't wait to see where this goes!

Just one question, if scootaloo had met the wonderbolts, the. Shouldn't she and her mother recognized eachother?

Phoenix's are mainly red and gold so Maybe spit fires mane back then was red and her coat was a more yellowish gold than yellow today so I'm thinking that as soon as she left she dyed her hair and mane and change her name to spitfire just in case she ever saw scoots again

Do you know the difference between plural and possessive?
"ponies" = plural = more than one pony
"pony's" = possessive = something belonging to a pony

"One Ponies Past" = :twilightangry2:
"One Pony's Past" = :twilightsmile:

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I intended to make it where Spitfire or Phoenix Fire did indeed change her name, coat, and mane. Basically, implying her running away from her problems and trying to start a new. Therefore, Scootaloo wouldn't recognize them.

Elric of Melnipony

Thanks for pointing that out. I fixed it and yes I do know the difference I just seemed to forget it there.:fluttershyouch:

Where's the next chapter!?!?!?

>> fatboi1000

I'm working on it right now.

Wow, child innocence is harsh. I would guess that Rainbow Dash would be a bit hurt from the fact that Scootaloo was looking for her real mom so soon after the adoption, unless my timeline is skewed...


Yeah that's why I mentioned in the story the whole

Rainbow Dash was a bit taken aback by this but quickly brushed it off.

Yes, you are correct that Scootaloo was indeed adopted recently.

Oh dear... If Scootaloo decides Rainbow betrayed her by keeping the truth about Spitfire a secret then there is bound to be some shouting and a possible runaway from home scenario.

Things are about to get ugly in the cloud salon.

:ajsleepy: I did not see much from this story. I read through the whole thing and...I would heavily recommend a pre-reader for this--you simply tell too much instead of showing. :ajsleepy:

4777695 Umm, you know you have to actually hit the reply button for people to know you've replied? It's that >> button to the upper right of every comment.

And now there is going to be a big fight and argument... oh boy. Rainbow is going to have to choose whose trust she breaks.

please update this story is great

I hope this story is still alive

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