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Scootaloo Evain Fire, a once homeless filly has been taken in by her idol, Rainbow Dash. She has everything she'd dreamt of! So why did she feel something was missing? Scootaloo on the quest to find out the truth about her mother'a disappearance, will do anything for the answers to her past.

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Scootaloo has always been jealous of her friends. They have sisters and families. She only has a sister and even then Rainbow Dash hasn't exactly been the definition of a big sister. Scootaloo has too small of wings so she can't fly. She's a bit smaller than most fillies and she doesn't do well in class. Some times she even seems messy like she hadn't taken a shower in a couple of days. All Scootaloo has ever wished is to be normal and have a normal life like her friends.

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