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A special thanks to ajvasquezbrony28 for helping me proofread chapter 5 and onwards!

After King Sombra's defeat in the Crystal Empire, the Dark Magic inside of him made him materialize. Making a castle of his own, far away from the Crystal Empire, he plots his next move, he concludes that he needs to raise an ally and searches for a student throughout all of Equestria for the next nine years. He then finds an ally in a foal from the Ponyville Orphanage...the filly he chooses is named Heart's Desire, a newcomer who is described by many as being unskilled, untalented, illiterate and uneducated. Sombra chooses her because he sees a greater magic inside her, what this magic is...he doesn't know. But decides to take advantage of this opportunity, and she is then ripped away from everything she knows is sane and is forced to live with him in his castle in the Arctic North of the Crystal Mountains and forced to be his student in the art of Dark Magic. She refuses constantly out of her fear of the cursed king and tries fervently to avoid him. But when the magic inside her somehow is able to protect her from Sombra's manipulating magic and is slowly taming and bringing the real Prince Sombra back, the father/daughter bond between them begins to form and grow. But the question remains: Can the innocence of a foal bring out the good in a king whose heart has been cloaked in darkness?

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Cover: Gleaming Ember

Nightmare Darkness and Downunda Thunda's Cover

Chapter starter picture: Emkay-MLP

Prologue inspired by the canon of the animation A Tale of One Shadow by NatasiaSolitude

I understand that this story might not fit into everyone's headcanons, personally, I'm just here to tell a story. One that I feel you will enjoy; if you feel that this is something that might not be your cup of tea, I must ask that you don't fill the comment section with how much better your headcanon or somebody else's headcanon is. You are allowed your opinions and stories and I'm allowed mine, if you do decide to sit down and read the story and/or follow it, I hope you enjoy! :twilightsmile:

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Comments ( 53 )

perfection just as i read it before Miss Brush. Good as always

Well done, off to a great start.

Will Sombra's old love play a part in this to?

5478732 Not really, sorry, but this isn't a romance

This has started to become vary interesting.

The feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeels :fluttershyouch::fluttershbad:

Oh my god! That's so sad!!! Poor Patchwork! Poor Heart's Desire!!! :raritycry:

Patch then released her from the hug, and pushing a piece of hair away from her face, she continued,"But listen, I need you to be a big, brave filly...can you do that for me?"

Heart lifted her glasses with her hoof and dried her eye with a sniff, "Mm-hm..."

"That's my big girl."

Patch then kissed Heart's forehead and looked at her with sad eyes,

That scene sounds really familiar. :trixieshiftright:

I like where this is going.
Please continue.

Why am i in love with this story? Because its amazing!

This is getting good. I really like the nightmare scene. Foreshadowing of what's to come.

As for Zura, I hate this kid already. :ajbemused:

HI! =D Cant wait for more!

That end made me mad.

Still a good chapter tho.

OMG HEART'S DESIRE AND LIL MAC YUSSS XD...and can I use the shovel on Zura?

Something tells me I'm going to HATE Zura.

Geez Brush, Itazura is a total plot face. :flutterrage:

Heart's life is turning for better! Yay! Still don't like Zura though. Everything is going to be just fine... for now.

For some reason, i find this story intriguing. I mean not just in length wise, but maybe for it's complex moment with the leading filly or mare.

It would seem that things are looking up for Heart after all. So, here's to a great chapter. Hoping the chapters that follow will be just as enjoyable. :)

5740600 Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying it! :pinkiehappy:

Just got through it. I love it, but I thought this was a story about somber adopting a foal

5766069 It's not entirely about that, mostly about a tyrant being reformed by an unexpected source.

this is great but i thought this was about king sombra

5780266 It is, but it's not ENTIRELY about him

Wonderful job, glad to have helped, and I hope this story gets the attention it deserves

This is where things get interesting. Rarity and Heart's moments were sweet. It is like a mirror reflection of how Scootaloo was to Rainbow Dash. I like it!

GOOD JOB RARITY YOU WILL BE A GREAT MOTHER oh and Sombra...stop being a creeper yo!

I can't wait to see how this goes. Please update soon.

You know what made this awesome super ultra spectacular amazing fanfic even better? I found out that my tablet can't tell the difference between my finger and playdouh!

Here's hoping that Sombra finds a way to bring them back together.

Nine years and Sweetie Belle is still a filly?

Also, if this story is about Sombra and this filly, I wonder where all these other characters come into play.

Please update and I think that it is amazing!

Did you base this off a pmv, or the pmv was based off this?

hestia nervously nodded. “Noted…”

I derped here -_-

Also, something I've been notching for awhile now, you tend to repay a lot of words almost back to back.

The they bursted out laughing, and Mac began to smile a *little bit, “Thanks Heart...that makes me feel a *little better…”

Well, I think that's more my fault, but you get the idea

6987526 hope Rosie dosnt read this... (Worry)

This is where things start to get down. Great work, Brushie!

This was a great chapter!

Ummm I noticed Big Mag's daughter us named Lil Angel. And angel wings. And she died...? Soooo.....connections?:rainbowderp:

I noticed that too, maybe it means angel survives and lives happily with Big Mac and it's the same AU

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