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<- this horse is gay and there's nothing you can do about it


A thousand years ago, a pony was swallowed by darkness.
A thousand years ago, a Princess was left an orphan by a shadowed King.
A thousand years ago, an Empire was swallowed by the Arctic ice.
A thousand years ago, a Princess played with her foalsitter in the safety of the Crystal Castle.
A thousand years have passed.

** This story was written when I was 15, and the quality and content reflect that. Please be aware that my position on topics contained within may have changed in the time between publishing and now, and I apologize for any offensive material that I may have condoned in my younger years. **

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Comments ( 35 )

pretty cool.

"Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, we do not splash our mothers to escape the bath!"

Truly a tactical genius

I loved every bit of it.
I also had the advantage of super secret chat telling me it was gonna have a pretty good ending.

Super secret chat does everything. Also, thank you!


Interesting concept.

So, demonic possession to explain how an insane omnicidal villain can be reformed?

...eh, the fandom has been playing that card with Luna/Nightmare Moon since day one, so why not?

Exactly. There was enough dark spirit redeeming stuff for everyone else.

Indeed. I know an author who is pulling this off for Queen Chrysalis. ...admittedly, in this case it is less "Redeemed", so much as "All the more tragic in hindsight" once Luna realized that she had plunged the Queen and the entire Changeling population (save one) into the depths of Tartarus(*) for something that was apparently not entirely their fault.

*...and either Firefox does not recognize this word, or Wikipedia has it misspelled. It could go either way, really.

Very well done Miss WaterFlock! I like this writing style, and the story you wove. Flash backs, evil smoke, and pwetty pwincesses were exactly the kind of a sob story Sombra needed! Well done indeed!

I saw the title, and the first thing that hit my mind was:

Every race in the universe has an irrational fear of the dark.
But they're wrong. It's not irrational.
It's the Vashta Nerada.

Besides that, fantastic story.

I spell it Tartarous, I guess it's a matter of preference. Firefox doesn't recognize this version either.

Thanks! I figured he needed as much pity as everyone else.

Thank you, and I'm sorry I don't understand that reference!

now that was a good read

Thanks, I was almost out of Internets!




Doctor Who. It's perfectly normal to stare and question my sanity. That comes with me being me.

Being me, I have no reason to question anyone's sanity.



Also. I liked this story. Makes character redeemable. :twilightsmile:
Good pacing and good jumps between past and now.
Like a puzzle that makes "click" when it's assembled same thing happens at end of story.


Thank you on all points. I tried my hardest to add some kind of mystery to the story (although, admittedly, it is not my strongest genre) and I'm glad it worked.

/lie down
/try not to cry
/cry a lot
i lost it when he said no one remebered him:raritydespair:

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhh, nah mhmmm




Trilogy! Trilogy! Trilogy! :flutterrage:
Just as seriously, this was oh so good. The only quibble I have is

and their light ceased scalding his eyes.

that 'scalding' usually refers to hot water or another heated liquid; I thought that 'searing' might be more appropriate. :twistnerd:

How about "the interview stated it was finished and I like other stories more" (and I don't like demands without any other feedback?)
Have some respect for content creators or write it yourself.

6376357 yeah sorry didn't mean it that way.....
i really liked it and thought a 3rd would have been amazing for everybody.....
and i'm sorry for not giving you feedback, it was an amzing story and i loved it
and if you don't want to make a trilogy, then you don't want too, and i have to accept that
thanks for the amazing story ^^

The mare who fell in love with the wind is an alternate universe to this one? I'm a bit confused since I read that one first and this one next.


Prequel and sequel. If I remember correctly, though, I think I wrote this first.

A pink wing, tinged at the ends with violet, wrapped around him, and a small, warm muzzle was rested on his neck. "It's gone now. It's over now.
"You'll be alright."
it's gone it's gone
Start 39:38 of this video

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