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“What is better: to be born good or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?” ― Paarthurnax


For over a thousand years the crystal ponies have been frozen in time by the curse of shadows, how lucky they are. While the crystal ponies are in deep slumber, King Sombra’s thoughts are restless.


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Comments ( 7 )

My outlook on Sombra has changed entirely... Wow, this is an amazing story. It really gets me thinking.

I don't usually recommend my stories but if you liked this then you'll probably like my story Any Last Words?
Different universe than this Sombra story but still pretty good I've been told. It's about when Sombra is being blown to bits and has his whole life flash before his eyes.

Got it. ^^ I'll be sure to check it out.

How long had it been sense that had happened?

Since. Not sense.

Also good read.

I'm still not sure whom Sombra really is in this story. Hmm.

OMGoddess, this gutted me! So SO beautiful I CRIED!

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