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Alyssa Hartwick

These battle scars, don’t look like they’re fading ,Don’t look like they’re ever going away. They ain't never gonna change. These battle scars.....


Dear princess Celestia

Ever Since Flurry Hearts 5th birthday we noticed that she's been playing with her new imaginary friend . "Mr. Shade" Alot, she describes him as a " Magical Smoke pony with pretty green eyes". She says that he tells her many secrets and that if she told us then he would have to go away. We are worried and we would like some advice on the matter. Sincerely Princess Cadence

Celestia read the letter once again. Tears filling her eyes. For that was sent so long ago... "I wish i could have seen the signs sooner...then maybe... she whispered quietly to herself, she broke out into a sob once again wishing she could have done something to change fate for the sake of her dearest niece as well as her daughter...

Hello this is my second story that I have been working on it was inspired by Flurry Heart Wants a Pony By TheDriderPony who let me use this idea! And A Thanks to my editor, The Great n’ Powerful Spellcheck DragonHistorian

Check them out!
I hope you enjoy
(Coverart by me!)

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In your small description of this story, (The one that's shown on the front page) the word 'Except' is spelled wrong. And the word friend.

Thank you!:twilightsmile: I hope you enjoy reading it (I wrote the short description at like 3 in the morning so excuse my stupidity:derpytongue2:)

7345120 No problem. Just trying to help out.

Cool story so far. I'm curious as to how sombra and flurry will keep interacting with each other and other characters. Keep up the good work, I like this:twilightsmile:

Oh, shite, there goes the neighborhood... great story thus far! Have a fav, follow, like, and a laugh on me!

Crystal Empire had experienced many years of peace and posterity

I believe you mean "peace and prosperity."

Was that forshadowing? I get the feeling her seventeenth birthday is going to be a rather important one to the story...

Shhhh we don't want to spoil the fun now do we ?:twilightsmile: (:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:)

β€œWhy you little-β€œhe began to say as he was running after her as screams of laughter filled the room.

Forgot to grey his words

Very good so far! Have a like and a stalker :scootangel: Makes me want to go back and look at my Sombra x Flurry Heart ideas I had way back when the little bugger appeared in Feb./Mar. and get to writing!

These two are going to be adorable together.

who's said that they are going to be together:trollestia: Maybe they may or may not be closer towards the end :raritywink::trollestia::pinkiecrazy:

I love how you used gray text for the smoke guy!
By the way,

filly's and colts

should be fillies and colts. (Almost anything that ends with an Y should be pluralized with "ies." For example, pony=ponies, not ponys or pony's or poneez or poneejbhawz, you get the point XD)

Obviously I am not a professional, but I think the description you used really makes it easy for the reader to picture what's going on (Which is, of course, a good thing :D). :pinkiehappy: Great so far!

THX!:pinkiehappy: :pinkiecrazy:im glad your enjoying it and I got good news for you the next chapter should be out in a few days:derpytongue2::twilightsmile:

ooohhhh, this is creepy! What a scary way to have Sombra come back, very awesome! ^^

wait till you read the last chapter Muahhahahah:pinkiecrazy:

7539586 sure but if you wish you can spread the word of me new finally published story:trollestia:

This sounds really, really fucking cool. I'm gonna read this tonight... if I don't fall asleep.

Flurry is kylo ren and Sombra is Snoke

Will you continue this?

will you be continuing this story? I hope so tho its unlikely since you haven't logged on in a while, but this story is great and I hope if you ever log on again you continue this!

Γ“tima, isso Γ© promissor

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