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Alyssa Hartwick

These battle scars, don’t look like they’re fading ,Don’t look like they’re ever going away. They ain't never gonna change. These battle scars.....


The Apple Family are stuck inside there home due to a monstrous storm that has come about because of a terrible accident. What caused that accident? That question is yet to have an answer

An old friend and family member stops by unexpectedly and is asking for help.

How could a simple rabbits paw do anything to cause this old stallion such grief?

You couldn't even choke to death on it if you wanted to.


Hey! Thanks for reading!

I will confirm that this takes place in the same universe as the "DEAR DIARY" Trilogy and i will extend the universe once again after this!

First Goes Sweetie?:unsuresweetie:
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It was the witching hour.

A lone Mare Trotted along a gloomy path that sat along the winding roots of the Everfree forests mangled trees and plants.

The path was rough and uneven. Seemed only to be used by the forests inhabitants and the lost souls who traveled it

But the mare continued, her resolve never wavering for a moment.

The Darkness stirred


Warning:Rated Teen For Gayness:Warning Is Really Gay: U no like U NO READ!

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This Story's Prompt Was Originally By Anstca!

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After leaving Ponyville Babs tries to start over. She creates a whole new CMC club, gets better grades and even make friends.

That's until her life went to shit.

A stallion that was supposed to be her was father now out of prison, moved them down to the slop bucket of Neightroit so he could be closer to his "friends".

Now left with no friends, no cutie mark, a new school, and her father now living with her and her mom, she can only do one thing.

Go to "The Underground"

Rated teen for: Extreme Language, Adult themes, and minor Sexual Refrances
If this makes you uncomfortable please dont read or dislike without a comment. Thank you

Based off the movie "8 Miles" and this image

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Luna wakes up from a nightmare, as she begins to interact with the world around her things begin to change. In this discovery she beings to search for something, anything. only to find that her world has changed ....for the worse

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My beautiful editor DragonHistorian :pinkiehappy::heart:

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This story is a sequel to Dear Rarity

I do not know of its name. But i do know it is my god. And in return of being allowed to live i must do my part in the circle of this painful life.
And that is



This is the last story of this little series of oneshots.:ajsleepy:
And if you need a hint on what this monster is based off of-:trollestia:
Hint: its based of a native american monster/myth
No more of this series and if you want more horror please look through my library and there is a bookshelf called oneshots where i have a few more horror story's laying around:derpytongue2:

So thank you for reading and please come back soon...

I have more story's to tell

Best editor ever : DragonHistorian

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This story is a sequel to Dear Diary

Rarity.....Its not nice reading another pony's diary... good thing the owner isn't here any more...


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You "Dont" have to read the prequal of this story but its HIGHLY RECOMENDED beacuse this is a sequal

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Sweetie bell gets a diary for her birthday! She's really exited!

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Pinkie pie sat in a metal chair.

Her hooves chained to the table in front of her.

She glanced at her reflection but she couldn’t dare to look at herself fully within the polished metal of the table.

Her eyes showed that of a mad mare within their deep blue depths.

She scared herself.

* * * * * * *

Based off of "The Tell-Tale Heart" By Edger Allen Poe

Inspired by the story "Cup Cakes" (no clue who made the original so Yolo)
and "The White Bunny" by Princess Lulaymoon

Rated teen for safety

: I do not own Vanilla Mochas OC I dont own mlp. I just used them :heart::pinkiesmile:
I own my Oc

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Discord and Celestia have known each other for over a millennia so he is going to share with her what being encased in stone feels like.

The Before. When everything is fine and joyous

The During. When the confusion and fear envelope you

But there is one thing about this story...There is no end.

* Update *
(OMG Its just a dark story! deal with it! to be honest though I love the debates:derpytongue2: but calm down a bit please!)

Based of the story "Silence" by Edger Allen Poe
Inspired by "The Crying Statue" By the Dragon Historian
and "The White Bunny" by Princess Lulaymoon
Rated teen for safety

This is an AU where discord is turned into stone permanently after siding with Teriek.

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Twilight had always wondered why and how pinkie had gotten her "Pinkie sense" and today Twilight was going to find out. Though the answer may shock her.....and may also make her contemplate her existence.

(Holy Sun Butt! This is a VERY dumb fic please don't take it seriously! Its supposed to be Crap! )

A Very Stupid One-Shot whose existence is solely based of the fact I have insomnia and that I was bored.:applejackconfused:

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