A Never Ending Dream

by Alyssa Hartwick

First published

Luna cant wake up from this Dream, or is it a Night-mare?

Luna wakes up from a nightmare, as she begins to interact with the world around her things begin to change. In this discovery she beings to search for something, anything. only to find that her world has changed ....for the worse

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Darkness. That’s all Luna could see.

It wasn’t a darkness that came with a moonless night, either, no, it was as if all life had disappeared. Like all the warmth in the world had been sucked into a void that stood, invisible, in the infinite black.

Luna felt as if she was falling forever. It was truly horrifying to the princess of the night as she fell. A cold suffocating air clung to her skin as she screamed out.

Despite her efforts, there was no sound.. Not even the whistle of wind as she fell. She looked around for anything. A light, a star, her skies. Her Moon.

Yet nothing black filled her vision, and silence filling her ears.

For what felt like forever, she kept falling.


The only direction she knew in this place.

Further and further she fell.

Or was she soaring upwards?

She couldn’t tell, and frankly, she didn't care, as she called out into the depths of black.

Suddenly, without warning, a searing light scorched her entire body. Her sight engulfed with white burning fire as she felt her fur singe, skin bubble and flesh cook.

Her last thought was a simple question.



Lunas terror filled-screams echoed through her room as she shot up from her bed. Tears ran down her cheeks, as she gasped for air. Her sweat soaked sheets clung to her skin as she sat there, shaking from her night terror.

Her panic filled eyes glanced around her familiar room, as she sat there in total fear. Slowly, she began to calm herself.

"Twas' only a dream Luna, control yourself." She thought out loud to herself. Slowly she moved on to the edge of her bed, and she looked down at her once tidy bed, only to be met by the sight of tangled sheets that glistened slightly with sweat.

She groaned in slight regret as she had just had them washed the day before. Sighing, she slowly got out of her bed. Walking over to her balcony, she stood in the calming glow of her moon.

She stood there, soaking up the pale light, as a cool wind gently brushed across her coat.

She looked back at the mess of sheets that laid on top of her bed.

She groaned in regret as she had just had them washed not two days ago. How she was going to explain this to her maid, she didn’t know, as this was something that didn’t happen often especially since it was her.

She had no reason to grip about the fate of Equestria. She wasn’t even loved by her subjects.

She looked out upon the night sky.

Her thoughts turning bitter whilst imagining all the little ponies, in their little beds, inside their tiny homes, with little insignificant lives, and how they waste their precious time sleeping instead of watching her beautiful night unfold.

She glared down at the city below. A city that she helped build. Yet no pony gave her a second glance. She scowled at it.

She looked back at her moon for comfort. As she starred her face softened once more.

She turned away from the balcony, and proceeded to walk back into her room. She lifted the crumpled sheets off of her bed with her magic, placing them into small laundry bin.

She sat down at her now bare bed, turning her head to the night stand.

It was a simple piece of furniture that stood next to her bed. It was mostly white other than the blue moon painted on it.

On top of it sat a picture of her and her sister. She smiled warmly at it before picking it up in her front hooves.

Gently caressing the small picture frame, she reminisced on the day she took that picture.

But all that came was a blank thought. She remembered taking the picture…yet she…didn’t? She pondered for a moment, “Why can’t I remember?” she questioned herself.

After a few minutes she just chalked it up to her lack of sleep. She looked back down at the picture.

Something was different.

Instead of a warm smile on her sister’s face, a hateful scowl had replaced it.

She immediately blinked and rubbed her eyes before looking back down. It looked as if it was never changed.

“I really should get more sleep” Luna scolded herself.

She placed the picture back down onto her night stand before getting back up and heading for the door to her room.

She wrapped her blue aura around the door handle to open it but it was locked.

She tried again.

She sighed before using her magic to pick the lock. Suddenly her head felt like it had just been hit by a hammer. Luna cried out at the sudden pain. Her magic distinguished before she fell onto her haunches.

She groaned as she rubbed her temples. She looked back at the door, her thoughts racing on what could be happening. Without second thought she flew out her window only to be met by a hard force. She cried out as she was flung back into her room.

She sat there in shock.

She didn’t know what was happening.

She tried to teleport only to be met by another head ache.

_-(One Hour Later)-_

Luna was exhausted.

After an hour of trying spell after spell after spell, she was magically and mentally drained.

She laid down on her bed. Her hair was now knotted and disheveled, her brow lined with sweat. She was to tired to panic anymore. As she laid there as she cried softly. She was confused, alone and most of all, trapped. She felt as her stomach began to knot at those thoughts.

Slowly as she laid there she began to feel like she was getting sick.

Suddenly she had begun gagging. Using what little of her strength that was left she hastily ran to the balcony. Not quite making it she had begun vomiting on the balcony’s floor.

She felt like she was in hell as she choked and gagged as her stomach emptied itself of its contents.

After a few minutes of continually throwing up she had finally stopped. She looked down on what she had hacked up. The goop was probably the hay sandwich she had eaten hours prior. Something caught her eye though as she looked upon the floor.

A silver gilt could be seen sticking out from the goopy pile. She tried to use her magic but her power felt all but drained. Slowly she walked around the puddle at an attempt to get a better view.

Something silver in color was sticking out from the regurgitated food. With any memory of ever eating something of that color she attempted to reach over the puddle of lukewarm vomit.

This was to no avail as she tried from every angle possible but the grotesque pile had just happened to be dead center of the puddle. Hesitantly she came to a decision.