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Alyssa Hartwick

These battle scars, don’t look like they’re fading ,Don’t look like they’re ever going away. They ain't never gonna change. These battle scars.....



Sweetie bell gets a diary for her birthday! She's really exited!

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And by Swift Blade

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Please save mean pony?
Weird message, but okay. This little thing was charming, needs definite work. Well done.

Hot damn, is this based off of the diary creepypasta?

Dammit really?

"Please save me anpony"

I'm sure you meant "anypony"?

Pretty good read. A few mistakes here and there but if anything, it kinda added to it due to Sweetie's age at writing this (assuming she's not very good at spelling and shtuff)

Keep it up!

Nice little story, I have no idea who the villain is based on though.
By the way, you forgot a "y" in the last word of your secret message :raritywink:

Hey sweetie belle is only 7, She cant write that well yet!:derpytongue2:

I LOVED IT. p.s I loved this part.

I have a pretty big closet and I never use it so I decided that Angel could live there!
just great, loved it.

p.ss. the message is this.

pleaSe sAve me Anpony
: you forgot the Y in anypony. : just saying :trollestia:

Actually no you missed it:moustache:

Also You technically didn't get the secret message correct sorry:twilightsheepish:

Please save me anypony

Oh. Wow. It's clever how you hid it, but then it's really obvious because it all stands out from the regular text.

So Do you want a creepy pasta version of you Oc:derpytongue2:

Anyway, I liked the story and if you ask me a sequel could be nice, there are more crusaders left for Angel to eat befriend. :pinkiecrazy:

Well if you want to i have about 2 more grimdark one shots you can read :pinkiesmile:

Yea but i thought it would be a cute little thing to add:derpytongue2::rainbowkiss:

Grimdark isn't something I read regularly, but I might give them a read sometime :pinkiehappy:

Anyway, for now take a follow as reward for writing something cool and being nice :twilightsmile:

Sweetie bell.exe anyone?


I don't know a creepypasta that involves this but i am working on an MLP fan fiction that's inspired by a creepypasta,finished and submitted but delayed because rejection :applecry:


That would be prettty cool...



Here's a link to "The Pink Backpack" creepypasta. There's a bunch more sites where it goes straight to the images and journal entries but this one has an interview so I thought it was cool:

"The Pink Backpack/ The Story of Lisa"


I've heard of it on you tube but haven't really researched it.

Thanks for the link though.


No prob!


Yep, that's it.

Wow, this story was really creative, I liked it.
I loved the secret message, that was a neat touch.


I've heard scarier.

Its too short,there's no explanation about Angel herself,i like stories that has timelines but this 1 isn't consistent in my opinion,im not sure weather the part where she say's that her friends were playing with "Sweetie bell" was either a Changeling or Angel herself,there's no explanation on how Angel became satanic and i recommend a sequel to explain this and judging on how Sweetie bell uses her Diary and the way she speaks into it,it kinda sounds like as if she's using a voice recorder.

7482343 I have heard scarier too, but this still felt scary to me in a way, creatively scary to me, but like you said, I would like to see a Sequel explaining things a little better.

As a big fan of grim-dark, I must admit, I rather enjoyed this! A few mistakes here and there, the odd missing capitalization, but asides from that, excellent work!:pinkiecrazy:

The best I got is please sAve me Anpony, is there something deeper I am missing. Plus I looked everywhere after n but, couldn't find the red y.

Not bad. Kind of hard to catch that message, though. Have to strain the eyes to see it.

Most unicorns use there magic to write so in a way it is like talking into a recorder that so happens to be on paper:twistnerd:
I thought giving angel no explanation would give a bit nor of a mysterious tone sorry if you disliked it.:applejackunsure:
A Sequal is on the way:pinkiecrazy:

Shes only 7! Dont Judge her writing!:derpyderp2:
And thank you:pinkiecrazy:

Hey its a "secret message" what did you expect:rainbowlaugh:

7483497 "A sequel is on the way"

Yus :rainbowkiss:

Hmm yeah, I suppose that's the issue with diary based stories, it's rather easy to mistake intended mistakes in the writing with actual mistakes! I just had a good idea for a sequel, someone else has probably already mentioned this, but a continuation of the story from Rarity's perspective could be really interesting! Or maybe just Rarity's perspective throughout this fic. Anyways, just an idea!



Well, either way, I'll be around to read it!:twilightsmile:

The ending had me scared :twilightoops: Great job with this, and what I caught out of the secret message was "Please save me anypony"

Aww thanks and good job!:twilightsmile::derpytongue2:
I have a few more scary one shots if your interested:twilightsmile:
and the sequal to this story should be out within the next few hours or so:pinkiecrazy:

i had fun solving the secret message Please save me any pony! This is really good. Will there be a sequel? :twilightsmile:

7484871 I'm interested, and if one catches my eye, I might do an audio reading of it. The diary format really wouldn't work, but I'll take a look you other content. Can't wait for the sequels :pinkiecrazy:

Oh wow Really! :raritystarry: i have a few one shots that are dark just go to my one shots library i have a few there :derpytongue2:

Having kind of a hard time figuring out what Angel is, even with my vast amount of knowledge on the supernatural, I'm thinking a vengeful spirit that was killed by her friends in the Boutique. :pinkiecrazy:But I'm sure it's not that.

Anyways, Great story. Gonna read the sequel right now!:pinkiehappy:

Thanks :pinkiehappy:
but the sequal dosnt live up to the original :twilightsheepish:

7482157 What is Sweetie bell.exe, and where can I read it? Please respond to this comment.

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