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Warning: the following story is currently unedited and contain m/m shipping.

Months after Sombra had surrendered to the Crystal Empire, Cadence and Shining decided if it's possible to reform one of the most notorious villains in Equestrian history. At the same time, Shining starts to get suspicious when the ex-king asks for paper daily but never see what he does with it. Deciding to investigate, he finds the remains of a manuscript that, after cleaning the ash with a spell, he finds that it turned out to be a novel written by Sombra in which gives him a window into his thoughts and feelings towards him.

A late birthday present for TheVClaw. I'm sorry for not getting this out on time, but I hope you like it.

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I want more. :heart:

Welp, I can safely say this is a very well-done, and very sweet birthday gift. :D

Aside from a few small grammar and spelling errors (which I'm able to look past since you noted it wasn't proofread yourself), this story was very interesting. Compared to most of my interpretations of this pairing, which admittedly have much darker or more inappropriate elements incorporated, you managed to write a really compelling and heartfelt tale from the perspective of Sombra in a much different light than I ever would've fathomed. I usually wrote Sombra as a a fairly stoic and brash, but ultimately confident character to contrast with Shining as the more nervous and unsure type; but in this story, you portrayed them close to the opposite. However, both of them were written in a way where it felt very realistic and genuine. It makes sense for Sombra to be a broken stallion from a different time, whose past demons and apprehensions left him in such a fragile state; and it also makes sense for Shining to be the more determined and vocal of the two in the final act, while also being very compassionate and understanding of Sombra's issues. This story overall was a very kind and interesting glimpse into the pairing from a totally different point of view from my own, and I really appreciate seeing these types of stories in order to think of new ideas. You did a great job, and I truly appreciate receiving something this nice and compelling on Halloween of all nights. :)

Thank you

It’s nice to see a happy story for this pairing!

I have not and likely will not read this, but I wanted to thank you for taking the time to put such an unambiguous warning in the summary. It saves me time, so again, Thank you!

Warning you from the story being unedited, the shipping or both?

Both, but mostly the shipping. The lack of editing I could have lived through if I really liked the content.

read this story about six days ago...The VClaw said everything perfectly.
when I saw the title/cover art instantly made me think of Burn from Hamilton i'm going like "damnit inkwell! I didn't wanna think about that."

The feels.... Ugh I feel sombras pain.... I have a friend whom I have always loved and now he's getting married... We were at one point getting close... But since he went to college he fell in love with a girl and now that yes out he's living with her... And going to get married. It hurts... It hurts alot. This story is one of the most heart warming stories I have read in a while and I hope you continue to right more or even continue this.

It was good. A little too fluffy at times but overall it was a good read.

You have my attention, I look forward to the next update . . . Thanks

I now want a sequel!

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