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Shining Armor and Sombra have become close friends, and have even come to enjoy engaging in the act of cuddling together.

But when Twilight Sparkle finds the pair in a snug state, Shining just might make a rather silly mistake.

Spanish translation by SPANIARD KIWI

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Short, sweet and kinda adorable. Also decently edited and while it might seem a little rushed at points I'm glad you didn't try to drag just this one snippet out artificially. You write fanfiction elsewhere don't you?

I would definitely struggle to write something this cute... But you've inspired me.

(I would also definitely not object to a second chapter)

Shining, you dope. :facehoof:

Very well written, with charming characterizations. And Shining... oh, Shining. He’d better go and apologize to Sombra once he removes his horned head from his own flank.

Very well written - well done!

More please.

Shining Armor you apologize to Sombra this instant!

This was an adorable twist on the slice of life genre. It seemed like the conflict came in late in the story, but the end didn't feel rushed, since it seems like the whole story was a setup for Shining to screw up. And of course, the snuggling scene was all kinds of adorable. It had a sort of dreaminess that drew me in and helped put me in the perfect relaxed head space for Twilight to interrupt it (yay for contrast!). Great work. I'm looking forward to reading more from you. :heart:

Aww won’t there be a sequel where they make up? :<

Most unique premise I've come across in a long while! Sombra deserves more love in the slice of life genre. :twilightsmile: Very enjoyable.

⭐️This was really cute, and I agree. Snuggle buddies are awesome~I hope you consider adding more,…🥰🙃🙂😉

So cute! What a shame it only has one chapter. A larger story focusing on this pair would be very nice!

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