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This story, and the Kirin Chronicles as a whole, are being rewritten and published as a new story due to the size of the adjustments.

Part I of the Kirin Chronicles
It's Twilight Sparkle's coronation day. She's ready to go, all dolled up by Rarity, and the three Princesses await her okay on the spell. She nods. Their horns light, and a deep warmth spreads through her. She closes her eyes.

"Nn- Twilight!"

Her eyes open. Spike, running towards her. His claw brushes the magical aura surrounding her. A roll of thunder echoes, and he is thrown against the wall. The magic surrounding her rises in turmoil, battering and burning, and it's all she can do to stay awake. It ends with a snap, dropping her to the plush ground in a heap. The Princesses are crying, Spike is unconscious, and Twilight... Twilight is no longer a petty Unicorn.

But she's not much of an Alicorn either.


Initially featured from February 8th, 2013 - February 11th, 2013.
Part II of the Kirin Chronicles
Part III of the Kirin Chronicles

** This story was written when I was 15, and the quality and content reflect that. Please be aware that my position on topics contained within may have changed in the time between publishing and now, and I apologize for any offensive material that I may have condoned in my younger years. **

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Are those dragon wings in the picture?

Just so you know, there's already a story with this title.

wow, excited me with an interesting story...no regular updates. i look forward to more but ah ain't patient ^^-

Yeah I'm gonna just stalk this story like crazy now...



I'm aware, I simply couldn't think of a better one.

2092548 Fair enough. Just giving you a heads up if you weren't.


dis is gunna be guuuuuuud.

Take all of my yes. TAKE IT!


I went against my word and updated.

2091547 I don't know why you're getting downthumbed, that's a valid complaint.

Thumb-up and followed. I can just see Celestia settling down next to the captured Twilight with a tea set. "So Twilight, how have you been? Would you like the Jasmine or the Orange Pekoe today?"

Well, this story is certainly off to an interesting start.

This is a really good concept. I'll be sure to read this one.

i approve of this
and demand moar

2091485 Is that the only image you own? I think I've seen you use it three different times...

Okay, I wanna see more, and I wanna see it soon, or I'll do horrible things to this little girl!

"Please update soon, I don't like this! He touches me in bad places, and never gives me ice cream or cookies!"


i know right i see him on thoraxes blogs aswell


Good, I'm not the only one who noticed!

I like the premise, I really do.

That being said, it feels like everypony is overreacting.

I could understand the crowd running from a spell gone wrong, expelling searing waves of heat and blinding flashes and possibly lightning bolts into the audience. That's legitimately scary. But a half-dragon Twilight just standing up, examining her strange body, not attacking anyone or acting irrationally? That isn't very intimidating. The scene simply isn't grotesque enough to justify the reactions of the audience, princesses, and Twilight herself. If she were screaming in agony, magic gone haywire, breathing fire, and covered in blood (hers or somepony else's), then it would make sense. Right now, it's just not believable.


I'll try and improve it when I have the time. :rainbowdetermined2:

Good going, Spike. :ajbemused:

This story rooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocks :yay:

This is awesome, how 'bout some moar?

This is fantastic!!!
All The Best to You,
Brony and Dashing Proud :rainbowdetermined2:,
Lightning Flash

2094132 Well, these are ponies, after all. Remember their reaction to a bunny stampede. :)


I have to agree; the premise seems a bit forced. If Twilight was overcome by funky-dragon-magic and when on some sort of rampage, or a huge blast of magic started doing all sorts of terrible things to nearby ponies, then her reaction once she came to would make sense. And her friends would never abandon her, no matter how panicked the crowd became.

Afterwards, the guilt and shame would keep her isolated. Right now Twilight seems like she's holding the idiot ball.

When I saw this in the feature box, my first thought was that the other story with the same title had updated, and the site wasn't informing me elsewhere of the update. If you can think of a better title (or perhaps at least extend it to "I Wasn't Prepared For This: Extra Words Here") I would suggest it, otherwise there's going to be some confusion if someone searches for either story or recommends them to a friend. "Did they mean the story by this person or that person?"


I'm going to try to clarify things when Twilight explains everything to the Princesses next chapter. I'll see if I can organize and explain everything correctly when that chapter comes.


I don't have a better title at the moment, but when I think of one, I will change it. Maybe.


Alrighty then. If you wanted some ambiguity, though, you should have done the story in the form of limited third person and kept it locked to Twilight's PoV. Right now I have the impression that we're getting omniscient narration, so I trust what I've read. If Twilight's account differs from Coronation, then I'll feel lied to.

I do like what you're doing, though.


The majority of the events in Coronation will remain the same, with a few more detailed points. Most of what she tells will be missed events in Outcast.

And then Discord showed up and fixed everything.
Story over. The end. :trollestia:

Spike's an idiot. ''Dont't go''? What did he mean by that. If anything, he should've been happy that Twilight was going to become immortal and wouldn't leave him, when he grows older.

interested, but I think it could be beefed up with twilight dodging search parties and having close encounters with various ponies during her various object acquisitions. Also I think you;d do really well to provide a full, detailed description of what she looks like at the moment.

but otherwise up vote and fav

Bad Pony? Naw. She has tried to survive as best she could. It is not like she hurt anypony. A few lost items, meh.


He's a baby dragon. He doesn't really think about his actions.

There is already a huge fic by the exact name :moustache:


I know, I know. It's also a title of a song in the show, and the label on a few GIFs. It's not the same thing. :twilightoops:

2094551 I know, I just wanted to make sure you knew so there's no "stealing story" stuff that goes down.


If this is even suspected of story stealing, someone needs to get some glasses. No similarities other than Twilight as a character and the title. :facehoof:

2094560 Oh, trust me, there ARE idiots in this world. By the way, I did like this. One of those thumbs is from me. :raritywink:


And I like you too, best Pokemon ever. :pinkiehappy:

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