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Hello or aloha! I’m SplashSurfer216, I’m born with Asperger’s syndrome, and am just a guy with big ambitions and writing happens to be one of them!

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Ponyville Confidential, you know the story and how the CMC were shunned by their friends and family until they apologized for their "misdeed" and were eventually forgiven. But what if the Crusaders didn't apologize? Instead, The crusaders decide that if everypony didn't want to talk to them or let them explain, then maybe they should just go away. When their siblings then do decide to talk to them reasonably, they find the crusaders have left Ponyville to Celestia knows where. Will everypony finally see the error of their ways? Will the three little fillies ever come home? And most important of all, will Diamond Tiara get her just deserts for her involvement in the whole Gabby Gums nightmare?

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It has been 15 years since King Sombra was defeated and the Crystal Empire was saved, but one faithful night, at the Grand Galloping Gala, commemorating Princess Twilight Sparkle's 15th coronation anniversary, the festivities are disrupted by a clan of shadowy, pony-like monsters and a mysterious swirling black hole opens up in the sky, growing in size every minute. Further investigation reveals a horrifying surprise, King Sombra has returned....

With the fate of Equestria once more in their hooves, Twilight and her friends travel from their home to the undiscovered west to seek out a long-lost Equestrian ally to aid them in their quest to save the kingdom from Sombra and his new Umbrum army. Along the way, they'll uncover the mysteries surrounding a new type of magic, and a tragic story of love and corruption.

Inspired by Skybolt and The L-Train's symphonic metal operas, "Fall of an Empire" and "Moonrise".

Cover art by bronyseph.

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