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This story is a sequel to Snow Angel

A sequel to my story "Snow Angel" (though can be read without it).

Spike and Rarity are married and happily living together. But things become complicated with Prince Blueblood invites Rarity to Canterlot for a weekend to show he's changed from his old, horrible ways. Though a bit weary of his intentions, Blueblood makes Rarity an offer she can't refuse and she agrees. Now Blueblood is trying to win Rarity over and convince her to leave her husband.

It seems like an obvious no, but Rarity is plagued by doubts and questions and her very marriage could fall apart depending how this weekend could go.

Submission for "Sparity Contest" hosted by Rubyfire377. Huge thanks to my AMAZING beta reader Cecelia Everhart for all her hard work and speed.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 20 )

Da feels...Da feels

*Grips chest*

I-it h-hu-hurts... s-so mu-much

can't wait to see this

This is great I have to say I really can't wait to see the next chapter. I do wonder tho, what is Spike's position in Equestria. I mean the way they talk about him like he is JUST a dragon? I mean he is a member of the friendship court, Embassador to the Changling and dragon kingdoms, teacher at the friendship school, hero of the crystal empire, prince of friendship, former Dragonlord, and might as well be a knight of Equestria, 'prince' Blueblood is a joke honestly when they compare the good and what they have done. Spike doesn't live like Blueblood because he doesn't want to. I wonder will Rarity see or at least already knows that it isn't about if Spike is worthy of her, it is if this is the life SHE wants to live. Which I wonder when some of Spike's high society friends, like Fanypants, Sapphire Shore, and other Spike has gotten close to from his time in Canterlot. Even more so Celestia since we know she is close to Spike for sure. See their interaction with her out not with her husband with another stallion, one she has history with will raise some eyebrows for sure. And worse case is this whole weekends Spike will be home suffering worrying his new greatest nightmare will be coming true. This is really interesting and it has me eager to see where it will go from here.

Welcome back my friend, is really surprising to see you writing the sequel of that fiction. I think I will read it when it is finished. Anyway, how are you?

I'm well, very busy but well. Been working hard to finish this story for the contest deadline. Just waiting for the final chapter to be beta read. Its all completed otherwise and will be ready for the deadline tomorrow for sure! Glad your taking an interest in the story ^^ means a lot to me. Specially from you.

This is super interesting and a great flow. Rarity, for all her good tends to get caught up in the flow of things. She finds her way back but it is in her personality to let flights of fancy get to her. And that seem what she is struggling with now. that side of herself with her logical side. I mean the idea of throwing away a marriage over a weekend sounds crazy but Rarity is fighting her own struggles to get past a aspect of herself that was a cornerstone of her identity. It is one thing to deal with it in theory, but now she is having to face it head on and we get to see if she is strong enough to overcome it. I still see Spike struggling super hard with this, best chance not getting any sleep worried about this the whole time she is gone thinking she might not come back when this is said and done or she wont be his. I also can't help but smell a set up with the chocolate boy, I mean what would be the chances he would be wearing a outdated suit when a boy HAPPEN to run into him JUST when he is meeting up with Rarity? I wonder will BlueBlood bring up foals into this, I could see at this point and time Rarity and Spike not knowing if they could have any so him bringing that up could be a huge thing for Rarity and something for him to pick at. Hell I wonder will that alter. Rarity try to convince her she can have BOTH of them and Spike will never have to know.

Like of interesting places this story can go and I can't wait to see what will be next for my fav couple.

oh rarity please don't break spikes heart

This is interesting for sure. I am kinda sad that ex machina Luna is going to come in and reveal Blueblood's plot to Rarity making her call even easier instead of her truly making it herself, now Luna could be talking about Celestia and that would be cool. Which I think Celestia would tell her to let things play out as it does because she would see what I see. And that is Rarity and Spike clearly have bigger issues than we know of. I mean lets be honest here it too TWO DAYS and she is legitimately questioning her whole entire life with him. I think that is signs of some far deeper problems with them. Some things they will really need to talk and work through if they are going to make this marriage work. I am not Rarity so I can't say how much the things she deals with Spike are important but from a outsider point of view they sounds so small and minor faults, many of them things he can't control. We all know there is a good chance Spike will smile and be okay if she comes back to him after this weekend, but he saw and best chance heard just how much she is questioning her life or at least parts of it with him and he will have to bring those up. She will have to lay out some real deep and loving words to honestly make Spike feel better about both himself and the marriage

This was a very nice ending to a great story. I can't help but feel that Luna set things in motion took away from Rarity coming to terms and understanding her feelings better. That it would have been nice for her to really figure out on her own but it doesn't make that final ending into something great. But like I always think Rarity is someone who tends to get caught up in the swirl of drama and events but when it comes down to it she does the right thing in the end lol. This was a great story and a great way to end the year with another amazing Sparity story

“Let me spell it out for you: I want nothing to do with you!

Jem Fatale slightly stumbled back in horror. Those four words wounded her deeper than any claw or fang ever would.

Clearly, she can't count.

Not really a fan, sadly. I'm not into Sparity much, and I had hoped this would be more than another Evilbad Blueblood story. That's what it came down to, unfortuntely.

To clarify, I'm not against Rarity choosing Spike in the end. It's more that tacking that terribly obvious plot at the end there felt like a cop-out to push Rarity into doing so instead of them truly coming to grips with their differences; instead of Blueblood simply showing he's still evil to the core and therefore the choice is clear. And yes, Rarity wrote something along those lines... but really, after that showing, it loses so much impact.

By the way, boot camps normally don't work. You just get bullies in uniforms that way. So that punishment is simply going to make things worse. Luna isn't fit to train anyone either on top of things.

The word count error was due to the original line that my beta reader suggested editing and I forgot to correct that. I had a different line in there originally. I personally feel that choice would have always been made whether Blueblood was good or not. This is why Rarity said she needed to sort things out. It wasn't her marriage she was questioning, it was Blueblood.

Blueblood also wasn't going to be trained to be a soldier, it was merely a punishment since he'd never quit being a prince and forced to deal with the consequences. I've also never read any stories with Blueblood so I'm not familiar with how he's typically portrayed.

See, I actually agree with Rarity choosing Spike in the end. However, if Blueblood truly did try to become better, it would've given Rarity's choice more meaning. Spike or a Prince is a different choice from Spike or a Cartoon Villain. That's what the story turned him into by the end, I mean, Celestia apparently thinks he's worse than all the villains who tried to enslave all the ponies since none of them ever got her angry, according to her words.

I should say, I didn't dislike the story. I do feel it missed a lot of potential by taking the easy route at the end.

I've also never read any stories with Blueblood so I'm not familiar with how he's typically portrayed.

Pretty much like this story. Stupid racist evil, sometimes rapist on top of things. That it seemed to go in a different direction actually drew me towards this story... but in the end, he was still the Cartoon Villain Rarity and Spike get to beat up and then gets treated like he's worse than Sombra by Celestia and Luna. Kind of a shame.

But I never took it as making a Blueblood a pure evil villain. He didn't want anyone dead, tried to rape or anything like that. He's a rotten creep for sure, but I viewed it as Blueblood ignorantly following a "blueprint" on how to get a girl and when it didn't work, he got dirty. The plot also came from a Simpsons episode which echoed the same overall concept. This was a story about temptation, about being confused about the choices you've made and wondering if you've made the wrong one.

Blueblood being a jerk doesn't change that, she would have made the choice all the same on her own and frankly; everything Blueblood represents has always made it unlikely or desirable to feature him in a positive light. While he's still bad in this, I like to think I did expand and change him by allowing him to be capable of complex traps, planning and scheming; a far cry from the simple whimpering coward in the series. Far as Celestia getting angry, I felt her reaction was appropriate mainly because having a villain trash talk you and deceive you is one thing, but family? That hurts far worse when they pull stunts like that, that's more what I meant.

“Well congratulations, you’ve got it: thank you!”

“No, thank YOU!”

“You’re welcome!”

“YOU’RE welcome!”

Gosh, it's kinda like Moonlighting, isn't it?

Oh Spike, you already know that that associating with Blueblood was a mistake and you're just gonna give him another chance to take a shot at your wife. And Rarity, yes, go to Twilight for help, at least you know Twilight will have no ill intentions.

That was an amazing story, filled with emotions! I personally feel Celestia should have instead disowned Blueblood and strip him of his royal title for what he did.

Glad to see that Blueblood's plan didn't fool Rarity for a second. Though I can imagine how horrible she must feel knowing that her husband remained so faithful to her never falling for that other mare's temptation while she herself actually entertained the possibility of being with Blueblood.

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