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HoneyBadger dont care. HoneyBadger dont give a... you know.


Dear Yankee authors,

Y'all means you all. It is used when referring to 2 or more people. No southerner has EVER used '"y'all" to refer to one person.  I die a little inside whenever someone butchers Applebloom/Jack's speech. Yes, the country-ism's are a little over the top in the show,  but they're just for comedic effect. "Y'all" is sacred. Just 'cuz you guys won the War of Northern Aggression doesn't mean you can appropriate our culture.


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while i love your taste in favorites......i HATED you in Farcry 4 :flutterrage:

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Thanks for giving Woundsalt a little love!

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>>1863388 Absolutely! I read Unity (I think from the feature page) and really liked it and wanted to check out what else you have written. I'm glad I did. I am really enjoying the Iðavöll series. The interactions between Luna and Scrivener are just so rich and fun to read. Keep up the great work!

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Thanks kindly for the fave.

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I am watched O_O

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