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Midnight Radiance

Anime is my guide, fantasy is my drive for inspiration.


Princess Cadence, a mare who's Cutie Mark not only represents love, but is strongly connected to it, so strong in fact that it reaches beyond her world and into another and it is there she witnesses the life of a boy she may not ever meet.

This story is a Naruto/MLP Crossover fic.

Art by HoodWinkedTales

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Well we know it involves Naruto but the characters shown show us absolutely nothing that would clue us in on either when or based on my own opinion where in the multiverse this is

Because I'm pretty sure I've never seen this OC in Naruto


The characters in this story are based off my oc character Midnight. This story will be loosely connected to other stories involving my oc.

So this is all you do now? Equine f***ing and Kishimoto loving? Yeah that one story I actually liked is definitely dead.

No, more like in a temporary coma. I'm not giving up on that story. I can't. It is the first story I've posted on here and it will be completed.

Also, what do you mean by Equine f***king? I haven't posted any clop.

That's what I go to as an auto when I think I see something like that.

You....didn't read it?

I've seen so many like this that do have that sickness so it's an auto reaction. Besides the original is/was the only one that had my attention.

(Had being the keyword here)

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