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Howdy, I’m Burt.


The human known as Anon is sick and tired of the rules of the universe—at least the one he’s found himself in at the moment. So he decides to pick a fight with the pony equivalent of Jesus.

Nothing good ensues.

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Burt #1 · Oct 25th, 2020 · · ·

Pretend I left something inspirational here please and thank you. 🙏

Lucerna #2 · Oct 25th, 2020 · · 1 ·

“It’s better to piss in the shower than to shower in the piss. “
~Isaac Newton


Pretend it was Burt who wrote this and not me


Yay new shit post

best in da worl

10498010“It’s better to piss in the shower than to shower in the piss. “
~Isaac NewtonVery inspirational, almost as inspirational as this story

Hohoho, yet another magnum opus by the virtuoso himself, the enlightened Burt!

SRY #8 · Oct 25th, 2020 · · ·

Guys the Cryptid in my attic won’t stop playing the Low Rider George Lopez ad at full volume while I’m trying to sleep, I don’t know what to do I’m scared.

I wouldn't worry about it

Although, she did have to sacrifice a few villainous souls—a few being a dozen thousand—to her divine friend of the human realm to obtain such a creation.

Wow, and I thought taxes on imports in my country were too steep.

This story is oddly inspiring.

"Hey, God,
fight me, ya bastard."

Yeah well if god is so powerful then why won't he fight me?

Should have challenged her to a video game. If she spent so much on a switch just to play animal crossing, she must suck at games. Heck, he missed the chance for game access.


:rainbowlaugh: Well fuck, there go my sides

It needs a Comedy tag

anon god of not thinking things through

Cheeky bastard.

Why build up, when you simply can jump to ten.

No distaste to the literal speciesism I’ve sown onto the planet?”

The speciesism is fine. It's racism that's a problem, don'tcha know?

Someone needs to do a sequel of this, it was too funny.

I think... she ment for that too. Faust is based?

I wish I could write something a tenth as funny as anything you put out. This is my exact sense of humor.

This is the funniest thing I’ve read in months, 10/10

All's I have to say on the matter is:

This is both a shit show and absolute gold at the same time. Love it.

Comment posted by SomewhatRandomUser deleted Oct 26th, 2020

If I have learned anything about any from Anon is that one must expect the unexpected, and when you think you learned everything, he will never cease to keep surprising me.

She had just started to play and was editing her island; which she’d named ‘Pen’

I see what you did there you cheeky shit.

This- this is a work of art.

This is a perfect storm of concentrated internet retardation. I love it.

Now this is pure comedy and randomness at its finest! All the hilariousness, the oddly adorable moments, everything is just superbly made! Your brain's creativity is truly a blessing! I hope ya didn't mind, but I made a lil' reading on this fic of yours!

Audio Linker!: https://youtu.be/ghknTIS0dyc

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

I find skinwalkers tend to gravitate to ol' Georgie Lopez, the one that stalked my farm for a few years and kept taking my chickens along with trying to lure me out into the woods now just chills in the loft of the barn and watches reruns. It's annoying but it's better then having half deer half grandpa sprint after you at 2:30 in the morning. Don't worry though, we're chill now, he stays up in the loft and I occasionally throw a six pack of bang and a rotisserie chicken up there. I find my skinwalker prefers Lemon drop flavor Bang. Birthday cake angers him.

"If the Universe is so big, why won't it fight me?"

nice shitpost, upvoted

I must have more good sir!

I wonder if Anon would go to visit an ancient god more powerful than Faust (Bonnie Zacherle if that is the case I wonder how Anon would justify knowing her or hearing from her)

excuse me, what the fuck

Yay, fimfiction has shitposting now. This is really fuckin good, though.

Well that's another post going in my faves

Have you tried sacrificing a virgin? It normally makes mine shut up for a while.

I don't. I'd like to use my lifeline so that you can explain.

Island is often shortened to "Is.", and I believe it also appears that way in the game Animal Crossing. Naming the island "Pen" results in the game ouputting the full name of the island as "Pen Is."
Therefore, horse God did a penis joke.

To be fair even if island isn't shortened, it is still spells out penis land.

We're the only sapient species on the planet. Of course racism is gonna be the bigger problem. Just don't make species represent race.


Well, Xenophobic or "Speciesism" is Bad too.


I DON'T want to insult you or anything. But, isn't that video a little Sexist against Women. :applejackunsure:

Comment posted by FarmFreshAppleTarts deleted Oct 28th, 2020

I suddenly must know, what does Faust mean by the "inherent speciesm"?

Eh, we have no other species to be xenophobic against.

We only teach positive vibes between sapients because even if the fantasy species aren't direct race reps, their relations repersent race and cultural relations.

Its quite hard to disconnect them and often its prefered to keep them connected.

Its why you can sometimes handle the xenophobia inherent in one media but not another based on how the aliens are handled.

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