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Howdy, I’m Burt.


Anon is a macho manly man. He’s tough and resilient, coarse and rough. He takes no crap from anything or anyone. He is a strong independent green bean. He slays poon like no tomorrow.

He also has a griffin girlfriend. He likes it when she gives him cuddles.

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If you don’t like cuddling with your griffin girlfriend, you’s a bitch.

Only the manliest of men would write this, I now see you in a new light.

Burt #4 · Oct 16th, 2020 · · ·

Underfluffies got me actin’ strange

Oh yeah this is that G O O D S H I T.

“Go on, no more time wasting. Tell me about your day.” She said with a hint of softness. Taking one of his hands into her claw.

I don't know whether to smile deeply at this loving care or to cry that I've never heard it

Burt #7 · Oct 17th, 2020 · · ·

Chin up, king. The crown is slipping 👑

10/10, very pog an lit, the nae nae hit different on a spiritual, and godly level

Also, wholesome content? On my profile? 🤢

It's much more disturbing when Some Leech does wholesome. You can practically hear the shoggoths gibbering as reality strains under the unnaturalness of it.

We don’t talk about wholesome Leech.

“I love you, bitch!” Oh look, Gilda’s daily alarm for the past ten months has returned!

“Ok. Sure, whatever. I’m leaving. There’s a toaster and body of water calling my name...” He wandered off.

This, my brethren, is the type of quality content I've been searching for.

Take my favorite and watch, just take it!

I liked that.

A lot actually, and not ironically.

It was really well written.

I give it a 8.5/10

4 stars on Yelp
(^ Is Yelp still a thing?)

That was heartwarming :pinkiehappy:

Tbh i liked it ironically and unironically
Stuff is just too weird not too like





Pure WAFF.

“I ain’t ever gonna stop loving you, bitch!” He gave a few hip thrusts.

i love this reference.

Love to cuddle with your girlfriend, it's an expression of how much you love her. For you 9/10. png free

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Wholesome as fuck.

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