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Howdy, I’m Burt.


Anon stumbles upon a deceased Rarity. He doesn’t know why she’s dead, so he decides to inquire his friends about it. They don’t know either, they also don’t seem to really care in all honesty.

Who done it? Why did they done it? Will Anon find the reason behind his friends cognitive dissonance? Will Rarity get her funeral?

Who knows, honestly.

I do. The answer is no.

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Burt #1 · Nov 16th, 2020 · · ·

There comes a time for men to laugh and a time for men to cry. I mostly cried while writing this.

I bet Pinkie won that marshmallow tossing competition.

Comment posted by ANW deleted Nov 16th, 2020

Well that happened.

“...and this is how I suddenly remembered that all the ponies in this town are crazy!” :twilightangry2:

Ok, that was weird :)


Anon was whistling, on his Mary way to harass the local librarian while twirling his stylish cane.


Good catch


Why is this little joke so simple but so funny?

We got a badass over here. You know, not all of us are rich enough to have 'emotions'.

“Not happening. No one ever escapes Harmony, Anon.”

and on that Note is when i would Off myself
better to die a free man then live in a world of appatheic Ponies.

Well that was idiotic.

Ending was... unexpected to say the least. 10/10.

Live fast, die young, and leave a good looking corpse... for your friends to play with.

Off to hang myself, watch and learn!

Spy tf2

The problem is you might come back as an Apathetic Pony, and then realize that your being apathetic about your being apathetic.

Best response ever, 10/10 would read again

This is genuinely more terrifying than some horror stories I have read.

Do you really think that that would work?

No but a Man Can Dream

Bro what the fuck?
Like... what the fuck?

So anyways, can we have a sequel where they found Anon's dead body after he hung himself in his home, and the others slowly realized that Anon didn't reincarnate or anything, and like... he actually died died, by his own means, no less? (I mean, regular ponies don't do suicides, don't they?)
Like, they know they will always rebirth and all, but they know Anon is a regular living being who only born once, and dies once. Then the implications began to set in and yadda yadda.

It'll be fun...

You brought yourself into this.

Take another dose and give us a sequel.

jokes aside, nice bloody work. thanks for the nightmares

Not sure if that was disturbing or glorious.

And Twilight the roasting.

Very poorly written and the concept is just confusing.
Everypony is out of character, and the rebirth doesn't make sense in this short one shot.



Goodness, this is truly a work of art! Chaotic art at its finest and I love it! The craziness and the comedy is freakin' spot on and it's just so good! I hope you didn't mind, but I made a lil' reading of this crazy fanfic of yours!

Audio Linky!: https://youtu.be/ddeN1FW4h2Y

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

Anon was whistling, on his merry way to harass the local librarian while twirling his stylish cane.

If you want to really annoy here use this cane:

Oh look! Rarity is dead.

Somehow I had read that in the voice of GLadOS...

“... Oh my god. You’re actually a monster.”
“Oh come on dude, you know I’m just joking!”

Not sure about that...

For a time I was suspecting this was merely a plot deceived by Twilight Sparkle as an revenge for constantly "harassing the local librarian"...

I just assumed they could fish her out of Tartuarus. Or whatever it's called.

"We're the elements of harmony Anon. If Celestia Rarity then she can just fish her out!"

and Anon was severely retarded or something

Extremely not cool.

Edit: I appear to have annoyed several shitty people. Good. If you can't comprehend that slurs are bad, you deserve it.

Not bad, morbid but not bad

This was definitely a funny and interesting story to read.

“Later. Now stop moping. The elements are holding a competition to see who can throw Generosity the farthest and I think we should join!” She giggled and started dragging him by his hand.

This part was so funny and so horrible at the same time.

Rainbow dash cut in, hovering besides Anon.


Hurled one corpse hurled them all. The real fun is in puppetry.

uh oh they said a gamer word XD

Like with all short Anon stories I read. I start reading it excepting something normal to happen. I of course should know better but everytime I just don't learn.

I wonder how far they threw Rarity's body?

want some cheese with that wine?

This story is a bruh moment

Damn. Just took morbid curiosity to a new and funny level! Good job?!:twilightsheepish:

aaah i heard that one on youtube while i was working. Just awesome and funny. I nearly laught out loud

... ... ... WHAT THE FUCK?!

Word dude. Its like 13 odd people have never met someone who doesnt appreciate their "humour".

Or figured out the strange thing called empathy?

Where that fuzzy nebulous thing that says do not abuse your fellows. But lets ignore it because being bitter is better then being kind and forgiving.

“Later. Now stop moping. The elements are holding a competition to see who can throw Generosity the farthest and I think we should join!” She giggled and started dragging him by his hand.

I expect Pinkie to come to the competition with something like this:

Burt, normally I love each and everyone of your stories.

But I feel like I've just read chapter 1 to a horror story.
I'm sorry, but a thumbs down from me.
(Absolutely love the pizza crust story tho)



thought that was pretty funny. please continue to write these interesting stories.

Well. This happened. :pinkiecrazy:

Hahahahahaha what the fuck did I just read

This shit is fucking hilarious, mate!

That was I am now mentally

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