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A year has passed since that ugly crystal tree-castle grew up in the middle of Ponyville. Nopony can convince me otherwise, and I've made my opinion known to Twilight. We had our adventures, we had our fun, but now, it's back to normal. Things have settled, some for the better, but most for... the worst.

The Orchard is in bad shape. Granny is in bad shape. And since January, I haven't had so much as a day off. Too much work, not enough ponies to do it, and no extra money to get help, it all seems to be swirling around the drain. Course, that's just the status quo. Now that a mare has walked into my brother's life, things are only bound to get a lot worse.

Set in my 'Bright Future' universe which diverges from canon after season 4.

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Well this is taking a mighty dark turn.

Some chapter titles may be a bit more literal than you might think. :ajsmug:

this is the best most heartwarming story i have read in ages.

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