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Average brony obsessing over the main cast with an unhealthy desire to see them in a dark fantasy setting.


When Rarity was a filly, she always had dreams of growing up to be a star of the stage, a masterful player of the piano, and the center of attention. As time went by though, something just never clicked. What we wish for and what we're able to accomplish are often two different things.

First place winner of the Quills and sofas Colorful Characters Speed Writing Contest #3: Rarity

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This is a really nice look into Rarity's mind. A lot of stories really downplay her ambitious side.

And I think that kind of misses the point of Rarity as a character. She isn't just a mare who wants to be friendly and pursue her craft, she's somepony who wants to be somepony. She wants the spotlight, she wants the stardom, and I think she would do a lot to get that.
Thanks, glad you liked it.

She's also a bidness hoers. Very important pony stuff.

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