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Vast media fan, short story and epic yarn spinner. Look out for falling plot devices.


Another world, many years after the events of Kamen Rider Gaim, a story is being told about a young prince who has his old life and his new one intersecting in ways thought impossible. Today is the Summer Sun Celebration. Perhaps we'll know how this goes, or perhaps we will not.

Kamen Rider Gaim x MLP
A short story by Drunkenpandaren

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Not every story is told from this world. There are more stories to be told, more tales, and more friendships to encounter.

A collection of tales, adventure in nature not dissimilar to Friendship Tales, Crossover Tales focuses on a series of stories of different encounters throughout the 6 years of this story's progression. This is but a glimpse into those stories.

Equestria Girls Heisei Generations
Crossover Tales

Equestria Girls x Other Series

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It's been a long, adventure filled year, and the chapter in Gentarou's life in Canterlot City has come to an end. With the final week upon them, Twilight tries desperately to sort out her life, and feelings for the man who she calls friend. Even if it means braving the Game set up by Discord, in order to facilitate a world beyond.

The final chapter of a Kamen Rider Fourze x Equestria Girls x My Little Pony Friendship is Magic story is about to begin!

Equestria Girls: Heisei Generations
Bonds of our Friendship
feat. Ex-Aid and Mach

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When Starlight Glimmer changed the present, it also changed the future, and the past. Having done this numerous times, several timelines spawned from the main one, like a tree with many branches. A constant collection of stories can be told for this world, and not every one of them are the same.

A collection of shorts, things that I may or may not continue, and what not set in the MLP and EQG worlds. Some of them completed, some of them not, Patch Day is where I'll be storing fanfic that doesn't qualify as a full collection of multichapter tales.

Most of these will be crossovers, alternate universes, and fusions of some kind. Most if not all of them however will be T or less, due to the nature of alternate stories and how varied the tales will be.

Variation 1: The Doctor called Genius Gamer M
Variation 2: IDW Crossovers
Variation 3: Origin of Music
Variation 4: Decade Effect
Variation 5: Letters To A Legion
Variation 6: Of Stargates And...
Variation 7: The Physics Are Too Odd
Variation 8: Wish Upon Another Star
Variation 1.1: To That I Say No Thank You
Variation 9: Time Trippin' Ride
Variation 10: Tag, It's Mr. Smoothie

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Perhaps life is stranger than fiction, as Sunset will learn one day. Recently told to go and make some friends by her teacher, she finds a small filly who is playing with a box and a doll. Weird right? Sunset's not much of a babysitter, but she will soon find out that the world has a curious way of catching up to her.

Featured 5/26/2017!

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After the events of The Price of Friendship, life continued for our heroes. Within the next few months, several stories of new bonds and wonderful friendships will be formed, as Sunset Shimmer and her friends look towards a future, one that is paved with lighthearted stories.

Kamen Rider Fourze and Equestria Girls Crossover
Part of the Equestria Girls Heisei Generations
Miniseries set between The Price of Friendship and The Bonds of Our Friendship

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Several months have passed since the Friendship Games, and Gentarou Kisaragi has made quite a name for himself as a superb Guidance Councilor in CHS. After the events of Camp Everfree, a startling adventure involving Riders, a person from Twilight's old school and overwhelming friendship beings in a two day adventure that will bring two worlds closer together than ever before.

Kamen Rider Fourze/Equestria Girls
Alternate Universe/Crossover
feat Wizard and OOO

Part of the series "Equestria Girls Heisei Generations"

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Cinch has gotten desperate to keep her school on top for as long as possible. So she brings in an expert on friendship in order to try and whip her students into shape. Unfortunately for her, Gentarou Kisaragi doesn't play by anyones rules, and sets to befriend the two schools as best as he can!

Kamen Rider Fourze x Equestria Girls Friendship Games
Alternate Universe
Part of the Equestria Girls Heisei Generations series

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Making friends is something Discord doesn't do easily, but with his recent success at finding new friends to socialize with on a regular basis, Fluttershy suggests he branches out. So being who he is, Discord completely overcompensates for the suggestion.

In the wilds of Eichenwalde, there is a lone Omnic and a bird. Bastion has a lot on his(?) mind at the moment when the world turns mauve.

An Overwatch/MLP Season 6/IDW Comics crossover, one written due to a combination of challenges set forth by myself to better continue writing. Technically complete but marked as incomplete to leave the world room to grow. Coverart by Blizzard Entertainment.

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For a long time now, Applejack has been writing a novel. It keeps her sharp, her wits about her, and polishes on her fancy talk.

In this novel, she writes about the socialite turned spy, Appletini. The daring partner known as Diane. Their Director, Dusk Shine and his staff; Elusive, Rainbow Blitz and Butterscotch. Applejack has written hours upon hours of work, until she comes up against a problem. A spy novel can also be a romance novel, and Applejack is having trouble separating what she knows.

So she turns to her friends for help, who mostly want to hear more of the story.

Sex tag for implications and innuendo.

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