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Vast media fan, short story and epic yarn spinner. Look out for falling plot devices.


When Starlight Glimmer changed the present, it also changed the future, and the past. Having done this numerous times, several timelines spawned from the main one, like a tree with many branches. A constant collection of stories can be told for this world, and not every one of them are the same.

A collection of shorts, things that I may or may not continue, and what not set in the MLP and EQG worlds. Some of them completed, some of them not, Patch Day is where I'll be storing fanfic that doesn't qualify as a full collection of multichapter tales.

Most of these will be crossovers, alternate universes, and fusions of some kind. Most if not all of them however will be T or less, due to the nature of alternate stories and how varied the tales will be.

Variation 1: The Doctor called Genius Gamer M
Variation 2: IDW Crossovers
Variation 3: Origin of Music
Variation 4: Decade Effect
Variation 5: Letters To A Legion
Variation 6: Of Stargates And...
Variation 7: The Physics Are Too Odd
Variation 8: Wish Upon Another Star
Variation 1.1: To That I Say No Thank You
Variation 9: Time Trippin' Ride
Variation 10: Tag, It's Mr. Smoothie

Chapters (11)
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Very nice! But wait till you read my Ex-Aid crossover!

:pinkiesmile: : Saisho ni itte oku, ore wa ka~na~ri~ tsuyoi!

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