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After the events of The Price of Friendship, life continued for our heroes. Within the next few months, several stories of new bonds and wonderful friendships will be formed, as Sunset Shimmer and her friends look towards a future, one that is paved with lighthearted stories.

Kamen Rider Fourze and Equestria Girls Crossover
Part of the Equestria Girls Heisei Generations
Miniseries set between The Price of Friendship and The Bonds of Our Friendship

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 10 )

Making a show of it, huh? I approve.

Yes, that was a sentai reference.


It's honestly one of my most favorite tropes in fiction. Hiding a dangerous fight in plain sight.

I think at this point you should use a capital 'h' on 'The Handshake' :p it deserves it.

Fourze and the FiM-verse are such a perfect match! After all, Cosmic States is pretty much powered by Harmony! :D


I'm thinking that as well, since it's an official term by now.

Fourze is the most brilliantly compatible with pony show in the world, and I'm so happy it exists. The whole series brings me joy. Thanks for enjoying the fic, it's not done yet, maybe 3-4 chapters to go.

8178642 Good to hear ^_^

Ya know, after the whole Camp Everfree thing maybe the girls need a proper Kamen Rider upgrade to their powered up form :p maybe Haruto could get their magic stones fashioned into rings... I wonder if he knows how to make more Wizard Driver...


At this point in time, I'm keeping their power sets separate, just for the sake of coherency. I'm thinking it might need a little attention though in a later date if/when I attend to post-series stories. The Bonds of our Friendship, the third upcoming big fic is the "capstone" to the trilogy, although there will probably be more written about this universe sometime down the line.

Also, Haruto's magic is more of a brute-force solution. It's versatile in combat and everyday use, but it's solution for dealing with magicians with out of control Phantoms was a whole nother bag of worm that I don't want to put the girls through. Yet anyhow.

8178701 Fair point...I guess since Magic and Cosmic Energy are related it might be more Kengo's playground than Haruto's. Though on a more practical way I bet Shunpei could fashion some good looking 'mundane' rings out of their stones.


Yeah from what I can tell, Wizard's magic is a method of forcing out the inner Phantom and conquering the despair, which manifests itself in magic power. But since the source of it is literally a monster living inside you being actively suppressed, it's not quite the same as Equestrian Magic. While Shunpei is talented, the stones they use are worn as necklaces in the last part of Legend of Everfree, as they've turned into pendants so there's no need to rebuild them unless a chain breaks.

I don't know. I can think of a few ways they could be turned into Rings.


Yeah, but it's not something that's going to make it into the fic. The girls are perfectly capable of using the crystals as pendants, as demonstrated in Movie Magic. So I don't have the need to change their design right now.

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