group for all kinds of anythings. If you want to join, go for it. We dont descriminate here :^)

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Howdy everypony, waz goin on!

367244 Uhmmm then who do i ask?

366812 Yea, but I don't really post anything here, so im probably the wrong pony to ask:pinkiesick::pinkiecrazy:

366801 .... Arent you the creator? Is there a level of clearance?

366322 i actually dont no....i never really figured it out :pinkiecrazy:

362043 Why can't i add stories?

Howdy everypony! :pinkiecrazy:
How we doin =^J

Comment posted by Pyriel deleted Mar 27th, 2014

Flames- yep. cruel day to be a changeling...
Check your disguise before you take it!

309101 hey, sory, I tried adding jmac's story, bit it wouldnt go through.:raritydespair::raritycry: thanx for joinin' by the way.:pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

308101 ha thanx. Sometimes u just get lucky:rainbowhuh::rainbowlaugh::facehoof::pinkiecrazy: thanx for joinin':pinkiecrazy:

i am also having problems adding a story to the main folder
Spike the Knight if someone could add it, it would be great

Gotta love this group name. Epicness. :pinkiehappy: /)

296982yes please.

296876 um, no, i honestly dont no how to help with that, im sory. If u want, i could add ur story to the group?:unsuresweetie::pinkiecrazy:

I would like to add my story to the Main folder; I'm locked out, does that mean I need another member to submit it?

hey, can anypony tell me how folders work, cause i just made ! and i got bubkis:fluttershysad:

288104>>287664>>287851>>287659>>287581>>284328>>286452 hey y'all, i dont know hiw many of you guyss listened to the "party wwith pinkie" the living tombstone remix, but in the comments somepony said that if you like factory, you'll enjoy the unicorn version. He/she said the name, i just cant find it. And i was hoping that maybesomepony here would know...if you know the name, please reply to this comment and let me know:twilightsmile::moustache::eeyup::pinkiecrazy:

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