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This group is dedicated to the users of PSN and Playstation players.

Discuss anything about Sony here. News, new consoles, new games. So on and so on.

If you want my PSN username, just PM me. No guarantee, though.

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373825 That would be cool to do, so what games have you got?

373823 Thanks. Just one of the base avatars that they had. Wish I knew how to do a custom one.

373822 Confirmed. By the way nice avatar.:pinkiehappy:

373821 Yep. I got it and you should have a reply by now.

368555 Expect a message from me soon then.

Comment posted by Bryan Luna deleted Nov 2nd, 2014

Xbox sucks too.

I just want to change my PSN name. Is that too hard to ask, Sony? :raritydespair:

I need friends on PSN. User name is TheTrueDragoon. (seriously, no joke :eeyup:)




Meh, I don't care. It's better than Xbox. That's all that really matters to me.

Superhaxorl33t4lief reporting in.

PSN sucks BTW.

If any of you want my PSN username let me know, I would love to work with others in some games.:twilightsmile:

I forgot my PSN Name.

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