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This was actually requested by my housemate to write. I'm not usually a shipper of DerpyDash, but I sat down and racked my brain for a good minute before I finally came up with the perfect plot. Now this, like a few other of my fics, have dark situations so if you are easily triggered. Stay away from this.

Rated Teen
Alcohol Use
Physical Violence
Dark Real World Issues

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Since when does Ditzy have 2 kids, doesn't matter, but this does... I rose a brow, not to sure of what was going through he head. Um, yeah:twilightsmile: your welcome.

7390914 In a few fan theories, where Sparkler is spotted with Dinky a few times in the show, some people claim that she's Derpy's adopted daughter. And thank you, sorry. I was kind of rushing to get this out. I guess I ended up missing a few mistakes ^^;;;

Hey it was a great story all in all it had a great ending but I could use a grammar check but other that that it deserves a thumbs up

7392370 Sorry, as I was writing this. I was going through writer's block, still am actually, Writer's block is annoying to fight lol but thank you though ^^

7392370 OK, I believe that I have gotten all the mistakes fixed. If you wouldn't mind reading it over real quick and calling out anything that you may see? If not, then I understand completely

Perfect it is just perfect now but sorry for taking so long I was having a family day....Not it was just annoying everybody hollering and screaming at each other and me in the middle of it all so I just avoided my family all day off in the tallest of trees I could find Soni could just sit there in peace and quiet writing a book I've been working on all summer long. I have had a bad day but the book is perfect now if you ask me

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