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Sanity is overated anyways.


This story is a sequel to Ace of Hearts

(Humanized Ponies Warning: You Have Been Warned)

T.E.S.T. The Tactical Equestrian Specialist Team. Individuals picked out of society, whether it be the upstanding soldiers that protect the land or foul individuals trying to atone for past mistakes, they undertake in tasks others would be incapable of performing for the safety and peace of the land. They are the silent heroes and antiheroes. The unsung warriors working as part of a group kept secret for over one thousand years. What happens when that secret is brought to the light?

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(Humanized Ponies Warning)

A series of short stories based around the characters of Jokers Wild and Ace of Hearts. Perry can finally enjoy a normal life, and Catacomb can finally have the vacation he has been looking for, without having to worry about any more life or death situations involving the fate of the world or the safety of their new friends. Ark just doesn't care. Between them and the other members of T.E.S.T, can they actually find a way to relax in the quiet town? Probably not, but trivial facts, not important.

These stories take place after Ace of Hearts but before All In. Fifty-Three Pickup is not necessary to read or is it an important part of the storyline. It is meant to be fun little episodes and nothing more.

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This story is a sequel to Jokers Wild

A bright new day, everything is finally all at peace, at least for now, for the town of Ponyville. The Worst Nightmare is over, and the people have finally returned to a normal life, until a new resident decides to make his mark on the town. What will the smart-mouthed changeling do when presented with the glorious time off that he deserved. Will Ponyville be able to handle another T.E.S.T. member, and will Perry be able to stay sane now that he has to worry about his friends in the hands of the womanizing Catacomb?

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Royal Jester Perry O'te is asked to take a break from his job, much to his displeasure. He loves to be at the castle and treasures his time working and making people laugh, but that isn't really why he was forced to leave. What is the real reason Celestia asked him to vacation at the quiet town of Ponyville, and why does he wear that mask of his? What happens when trouble starts to brew in town, and the true reason for his stay is revealed. Will the Mane 6 continue to accept his company or are there some people no longer deserving of the magic of friendship?

(This story takes place before the end of season 3, and contained humanized ponies.)

Cover artwork done by my great friend Katgurl5. Check out her other work at her deviantart page. Just search her and your good to go (link taken out due to recent NSFW purge, and deviant art can have quite a bit of that). Some of it is NSFW, so you have been thoroughly warned.

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