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2 months following the Element of Generosity's departure to a permanent job in Canterlot, Fluttershy will find herself turning to friends & acquaintances new and old, all to answer one question : Whether Rarity is just a friend she is missing or something more. As they reconnect after months of being apart, they'll discover the growth and change in one another while finding solace in what has stayed the same. As one overcomes her biggest fears and insecurities, the other will find that the only pony who matters to her is the one who wished for her to never leave.

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Indeed, I cannot wait for more!:twilightsmile:
Definitely can see this being a wonderful story being with just how cute it is, and a lack of mistakes.
Also... Oh Princess Celestia, how you make me laugh.:trollestia:

Thanks for the feedback so far everypony, I really do appreciate any and all of it. :twilightblush:

I would like to throw out there that for the next month or so, I'll be without my editor so to anyone reading this, if you can provide me with some general info of pre-reading you've done and/or production/editing on a story, please hit me up with a private message. My 'back up' editor will primarily work in two phases:

Phase 1: First draft reading (correcting spelling, mechanic and grammar errors)

Phase 2: Post Pre-Reading suggestions/revisions (AKA any word back I get from my pre-readers on things they want me to change, you'll be required to edit in)

Now, why do this? Well because I work 5 days a week and spend half to an entirety of the two days I have off WRITING if I possibly can. Needless to say, I don't have the time at the beginning or end of the day to edit, be it from actual lack of time or general exhaustion and lack of will to do anything but eat, shower and go to bed in preparation for the next day.

My editor is my second in command so to speak and with him on hiatus, I'm in need of someone to do as awesome of a job on the next couple chapters (I.E. chapters 2/3) until said editor of mine is on hiatus. Privileges to the secondary editor will still remain following my primary editor's return, that is general pre-reading and advice/suggestions/revision considerations you give to me.

tl'dr: Opt in as a temp editor, get upgraded to permanent pre-reader status for this story, receive my thanks and deep appreciation. Not that I think anyone should 'work' for my appreciation, so much as I'm saying I'd be grateful and potentially 'owe you one' in the future.

Ah Fluer, good luck trying to get Fluttershy trained.:trollestia:

Loved it all though, a few spelling errors but very minor! Continue on!

This story is the first I've read to expand on Fluttershy being a model. I love how it takes a taste of Canterlot high society life and weaves it into the story. Looking forward to seeing the next part.

just read the story and have to say im not happy about it being on hiatus this long :fluttercry::raritycry:
you actually made a very intriguing story that has its characters well written and almost no mistakes (i did find some minor mistakes but whatever.. nopony's perfect)
well.. maybe you change your mind in the future and write some more chapters for this story :raritywink:

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