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Gabriel LaVedier

Just another University-edicated fanfiction writer who prefers the cheers and laughter of ponies to madness and sorrow.


Sweetie Belle comes to Twilight for advice, on an important and curious subject, one which the studious Twilight knows all about. Not from books, but from life.

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It helps your story if there's not spelling mistakes in the description :trollestia: " an importand and curious subject"?


Thank you, kind and observant person.

I don't suppose you actually read the story to produce a real comment about it content, did you? Of course you didn't, or you would have also left a story comment. So... Thank you again, considerate person. Your concern is touching.

Delicious lesbian fillies!

F**kin...f**kin...Refreshing like a f**kin...mint:trixieshiftright:

#5 · Dec 24th, 2011 · · ·

Not bad as a one shot and overall I didn't see any glaring issues though it was relatively short I felt. The description really didn't express the story very well either. In fact it was quite misleading. The only accurate inference one can make from that is the characters involved and it's Sweetie's problem. I would recommend adjusting that appropriately to at least exclude information as opposed to misleading.
In specific, I'm referring to the lack of expertise on Twilight's part. She handled it far better than I would have assumed from the summary.

In the story, I got the theme and if that's all you set out to write, that's fine. It's short, sweet, and direct. However, if you intended to establish more than the barest of settings then it won't suffice.

I suppose that's all I've got. Sorry it's a little short. Good luck on future projects.

i liked it, but i would like to see the first time sweetie belle came around for some advice (if you've already written this one i can't find it :applecry:)


The Elements of Discord series. Sweetie asks Twilight for writing help and then romantic advice.

alrighty then! more reading to do :twilightsmile:

Awwww, it was sweet! :pinkiesad2:

Five stars! That was so sweet I think I've just gotten the diabeetus. I look forward to reading more from you.

I really love this universe you've built around the characters.:scootangel:

Not your best work in my opinion but that doesn't mean it was bad, it's just inaccurate. Twilight was never a spaz take a look at a canter lot wedding!


I was drawing off the little glimpse we got of her in the "Cutie Mark Chronicles" episode, plus simple reasoning. She freaks out easily over small things. It seems to me she may just be naturally spastic but she has learned to supress the nature.

So you took in to account how she reacted to her biggest acheivment but not the largest glimpse we have in her childhood bbbff!!!


Well, I did say I took into account how we see her in the present. This was also written before the Canterlot wedding. I'd still say the same though. She so seems like a "reformed spaz" type.

what is a reformed spaz like? :rainbowhuh:because she really seems like the oppisite of that to me. her biggest problem is that she stresses easy so wouldnt she be really serious as a kid:rainbowderp:?


A reformed spaz is someone who supresses their inclination. They feel it inside, the need to go completely nuts, either other trivial matters or the simple joy of spazzing out. This is seen in things like "Lesson Zero", "It's About Time" and to a lesser extent in "Feeling Pinkie Keen."

4787366 we see her having a mental breakdown but not repressing an inclination!:scootangel:


A truly rational person shouldn't break down so readily or so frequently. She has a hair trigger and goes crazy-go-nuts with frequency.

What makes you say that?:ajsmug:


The show makes me say that. She just goes insane far too often.

4789707 how many times has she actually gone insane? And she goes insane because she works too hard! Why does she work too hard? Because she enjoys working!!!:twilightangry2:


Uh-oh! Looks like someone has a headcanon I poked at :rainbowlaugh:

4794422 what? Listen I'm new to the mlp universe but I've watched all the episodes twice and read a huge number of fanfics, I think of myself as rainbow dashes level of knowledge on daring do, but excuse me for not knowing what head cannon means.:scootangel:


Heh. Sorry. It's a term of art for fan-works, from writing to art to simple article writing. It means a personal 'canon' in liturgical/literary sense of a group of writings or base assumptions about the world and/or characters. More particularly headcanons are the personal views of the unstated things, like the identities and personalities of the parents we've never seen, speculations on what they were like as schoolchildren, ideas about sexuality and so on.

Thank you for the definition, but I when I write a fic I try to make it as close to show as possible with only a couple of hand waves, your hand wave is that twilight sparkle is gay along with sweetie bell scootoloo and pinkie pie. With a hand wave as big as that you can't change her personality!


It's a small change, to a childhood personality, before she became entirely studious.

To add to your education: The term for a collective headcanon that is shared, in general, by a whole fandom is called Fanon. It adds to the canon in decentralized fashion, arising from successful additions to the fandom memeplex. Like DJ Pon-3's real name being Vinyl Scratch, the names of most background ponies and others, and other such things.

Well in your definition of a reformed spaz you said it was someone who felt the need to go crazy, that is a part of their personality. However after reviewing some of the facts( watching mare a thon for five hours straight) it does make sense that twilight is a reformed spaz. There was a lot of evidence in each episode. So I officially agree.
I thought about presenting more evidence but after watching apple buck season well.....
Sorry it took me so long to respond I have been sick for the past three days. That's why it have been watching mlp for five hours. Shut up .
Thanks again for all the definitions!!!


Heh. Don't worry. I went through a short illness too. And I have been watching the Mare-a-thon too.

Can you believe the answer they gave for one of the questions!?!
She got it at a carnival? Not from her parents or some other sentimental thingy! I'm killing Lauren Faust.


I missed some of the questions. What did she get at a carnival? Miss Smarty-Pants? That really is a bad explanation.

Her hat! AJs hat!!!!


What the crap?! I mean... yes, some carnival objects can become highly sentimental if won as kids, especially if won by a loved family member. But that's kind of a cheap explanation.

4819895 she got it apple bobbing. Maybe her dad or mom won it for her. Sigh she wasn't wearing it to manehatten. That can't be it.


I guess they didn't want a big, emotional answer. They should have just used another question.

4822545 she could've not given the whole truth, maybe her dad won it for her, or he was there, or maybe that was the last day she got to spend with her parents before they died?:applejackunsure:


It's very probable. Something with more meaning.

4823913 I know I jUst wish AJ would tell us.

My DiNyx story told me to come here.

We're related! :pinkiecrazy:

Comment posted by Lore Horse deleted January 2nd

When I first opened this I thought it was going to be some sort of romance between Twilight and Sweetie Belle. It's good and if there is in a nice curve about Twilight and Pinkie pie kind of swapping personalities.

Let me be your 100th like.
Why the buck you dont have three times that is beyond me.
I have no idea why this randomly popped up, but I'm very glad it did. Sweetie X Scoots is one of my favorite pairings. They're smol lovey fuzzballs, and I adore them. Many thanx for writing this.

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